Costume SuperCenter Review

My four-year-old son LOVES to play dress up. Santa brought him a Spiderman and Wolverine costume for Christmas and we keep them in a box with all of his past Halloween Costumes. So when Costumes SuperCenter contacted me to write a review on one of their kids Halloween costumes I was super excited. My husband and I searched through their extensive online catalog and decided that since Little Man LOVES Ironman costumes that we would try the Boys War Machine Costume.
It arrived in the mail on a Friday and I showed it to Little Man and promised that he could wear it after dinner, as long as he did not have any time-outs before then! (Figured that I may as well get something out of it, right? What’s wrong with bribing him, ha, ha, ha.)

Well, he was great for the rest of the day, plus ate all his dinner, and with his very last bite he asked for his Boys War Machine Costume. I removed the costume from the bag and was immediately impressed by how light-weight it is the silky smooth material is, unlike the scratchy material that a lot of the lesser-quality costumes tend to be, and the metallic shades make the costume look very realistic. I really like how the costume fits him, especially the elastic waist and it has held up to my rambunctious four-year-old. The only issue, is that the eyes on the mask are a bit far apart so he flips it to the top of his head while walking or running, then he puts it down to “fight.” I am not sure that there is a way to fix that without changing how realistic the mask looks.
All in all, like I said, we received the costume on a Friday and he wore it EVERY day that weekend and since. I am very impressed with the costume and it has become one of Little Man’s favorites. In the past I would purchase dress up and Halloween costumes from neighborhood stores because I was always a bit worried about the quality of online costume companies, but this costume stands above any past costume I have purchased and I would shop at Costumes Supercenter again. 

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  1. shamrocksgal says:

    Cute pictures! Aren't little boys fun? My son still run around in his Halloween costume.

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