I am a PROUD Mama!

This was the first year that my son, Little Man played soccer. We had him in football last year, but it seemed to bore him and did not go so well, ha, ha, ha… But soccer has been perfect for his always-on-the-go attitude. Since day one, he has been eager to learn and get “in there” to get the ball. Now, I might be a bit biased, but I am also being truthful when I say he is one of the best three players on the team. He has no problems running through the whole game and doing what he has to. (I am sure that it helps just a bit that his father is the assistant coach, I wanted him to be the head coach, but he said he would not be able to handle the four-year-olds, ha, ha, ha.)

Anyways, I have gotten a bit off point here. This past Saturday was Little Man’s last game and not only did HE score a goal, it was the first goal of the WHOLE season for his team. No, his team is not the greatest, but they are four-year-olds, so what can you expect. I was very proud of him, so proud that I had to use my allergies as an excuse for the tears in my eyes and it took everything I had not to run out onto the field to hug him! And of course, I was so busy WATCHING the game that I didn’t get it on video:(

  But, just as the team was coming together to play as a real team, the season is now over. He received a very cute trophy and we plan to put him in the next season! I am a proud Mama! 

Little Man with his Coach & end of year trophy

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  1. Katrina says:

    Wonderful story! Great when your child finds something they love & are great at, makes it easier to cheer them on, haha! Anyways on the real side…this is one of those times when its okay to be proud & boast for your baby! Congrats Christopher!

  2. Anna Galanos says:

    That is awesome! It makes me smile and be happy reading about this. Congratulations!

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