Kirsten Licet Toddler Shoes Giveaway

Okay, in a few months you will hear ALL about Kirsten Licet shoes… but for right now, I am giving away THREE pairs… (I ordered the wrong sizes!)

Here are the THREE Giveaways… enter for each one separately –
To Enter – you MUST:
  1. Then you MUST SHARE this Giveaway Via Facebook or Twitter 

Giveaway 1 – Kisten Licet Puppy Partner Pink Shoe in size USA 9

(Winner is responsible for $5.00 via PayPal for Shipping)
Giveaway 2 –
Kirsten Licet Pink Cowky Size 5 1/2
(Winner is responsible for $5.00 via PayPal for Shipping)

Giveaway 3 –
Kirsten Licet Black Cowky Size 11 1/2

(Winner is responsible for $5.00 via PayPal for Shipping)
Thank you Kirsten Licet for sponsoring this Giveaway – this is in NO way sponsored by Facebook! Opened to US Residents Only!
(Winners are responsible for $5.00 via PayPal for Shipping)

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  1. Hopping around for the alexa hop 🙂 New follower as well 🙂

  2. jdm2551 says:

    Thank you so much for sharing these! I entered for them all 🙂 I have three girls and any of them will fit eventually! I shared on FB and made sure to tag you 🙂 Here is the link:


  3. I clicked the twitter share button and posted what popped up. just want to make sure that it tagged you.!/MommyLovesUTuTu/status/85693673551036416

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