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San Antonio Moms – If you have a dog, you NEED this deal!

We have a miniature pincer named Titan. He is a sweet baby boy and I love hugging and kissing him, but after playing outside, every day in this HOT Texas sun, that dog gets RIPE! Not only that, but his nails get so out of hand that when he jumps he has actually scratched us. So, I am ALL over this deal from Juice in the City -50% OFF PROFESSIONAL DOG GROOMING! This is $20.00 for a Full doggie detail, wowHere's the Deal - What's that smell? … [Read more...]

In the Aerie of the Wolf Book Review and Giveaway

Okay so as a mom of three, I have found that I often lose track of time. I wake up in the morning and by the time I realize it, I am exhausted and heading to bed for the night. This means that reading, one of my favorite hobbies, has been put on the back burner… I try to take time to read, I really do, but my problem is that unless the book grabs me from the beginning, I tend to put it down and forget about it. Well, thankfully, that was not the … [Read more...]

My Giveaways Are Working AGAIN… Some close Sunday

Okay folks, seems that the new entry system I have been using has had some issues so my entry system has been down pretty much all day! So sorry... BUT the good news is that everything is working again, so go enter as you wish... Remember - some giveaways will be closing on Sunday, so don't miss your chance - Creative Kiwi Emporium Bows - Closes on Sunday Baby U R Precious Hooded Baby Towel - Closes on Sunday My Swim Baby Swim Diaper - … [Read more...]

San Antonio Moms – How About 50% off Cupcakes? YUM!

Okay, you know that everyone in my family has a sweet tooth. I am a horrible baker so we do not have too many opportunities for cupcakes, cakes, or pies... so I am all over this amazing deal.HALF OFF 1 DOZEN SPECIALTY CUPCAKES AT THE SWEET SPOTHere's the Deal - What's going to make your sweet spot happy? Probably a scrumptious cupcake or two from The Sweet Spot, where today's deal saves you 50% on a dozen of these little beauties that are … [Read more...]

Starbucks Gift Card Giveaway

Have you been to my Facebook Page? Thanks to all of you wonderful people, I now have well over 6,000 fans, WOW! Well, to try out a new Giveaway App and to say Thank You, I am offering a Starbucks Gift Card... YAY, who doesn't love coffee, right?Well, it is super easy to enter, just go to my Facebook Page, click LIKE, then click the Giveaway Tab on the left! You will get one entry, PLUS if you recommend the giveaway to a friend and your friend … [Read more...]

San Antonio Moms – Have You Heard of Baby Boot Camp?

As you all know I have been working hard to loose the weight I have gained with each of my pregnancies. I try to eat healthy and to swim at least three times a week. PLUS, I am busy reviewing a workout DVD from BeachBody! My biggest issue is trying to figure out what to do with the kids while working out? So today's Juice in the City Deal is PERFECT for us Mama's trying to get healthy all the while keeping our kids with us. $29 FOR 4 BABY … [Read more...]

Save $$ Today with This GREEN/Eco-Friendly Product – Zeelytes Review and Giveaway

You know how I love, love, love green products… especially the products that save me some green! Well, I have found one, called Zeelytes™.  Zeelytes™  is a moisture control product that uses natural minerals, mined in the USA, called Zeolites, which are very porous minerals, making them the perfect material to absorb odor, mold & moisture in any area that it is placed.  Better than baking soda, you can use Zeelytes™ in the … [Read more...]

San Antonio Moms – Natural Looking Lash Extensions Deal

I would say that I hardly ever have time to put makeup on and HATE looking blah... so now I have an answer thanks to today's Juice in the City Deal -55% off Natural Looking Lash Extensions - only $40.00 (BTW - they last up to two months, WOW)Here are the details - Ever see someone with long, luscious eyelashes that seem to reach for the stars and wish that you too had fuller, longer, darker lashes you could bat about? If you want natural … [Read more...]

Happy Father’s Day

Father's Day is always a happy yet sad day for me... I am super happy that I have found such a wonderful husband to father my children. He is THE BEST - he does everything with and for them including playing with them, teaching them sports, he helps feeds them, he bathes them, PLUS, he does the whole bed time routine... wow, how did I get so lucky! He is amazing at comforting and loving them, and he just makes my heart smile... On a same … [Read more...]

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