Help a fellow Mom win an Essay Contest

I just voted to help this mom out and I would love if you could as well! She is the only Mom in the Essay Contest not coming from a big corporation and she just needs a few more VOTES to make it to the finals!

entry under Ann Hill or 731276 (you can search at the bottom of the page) 
Once you find this entry, click the big red VOTE Stamp, type in the Captcha, then VOILA, you are done!!!
PS: I’ve posted the essay here in case you don’t have the time to scroll through the AA website’s double spaced lines!

“Where you going mom? St Louis? Chicago? SAN FRANSCISO? Can I go? “ My daughter’s eyes gleam golden as she sits next to my carry-on on the bed, rocks like she’s on a boat.
“Detroit.” I roll a dress into a neat sausage, squeeze my heels into the corners.
“Hmm. I would go there with you.”
I wrap my arms around her freckled shoulders. “You’ve got wanderlust, baby!”
“If we had a million American miles, oh, the places we’d wander girl! The London Eye, a boat ride down the Thames … the Eiffel Tower lit at night, the Louvre, then sailing boats in Les jardins des Tuileries… gondolas in Venice….”
“I want to see China!”
“The Great Wall?”
“..and the Forbidden Palace!”
“Where else?”
“Hawaii, San Francisco…oh, oh AFRICA!”
“What about lions?”
“We’d sleep in a hotel, mom.” She rolls her eyes. “Then, I want to chillax on a quiet little island.”
“St. Kitts?”
“Where’s that? “
“In the Caribbean.”
“Like the Dominican?”
“Oh, yeah!”
She is stretched out on her stomach now, her chin in her hands as she kicks her feet in time to our daydream.
“So, can I go with you?
“Sure, if I win the miles…”
“No. To Detroit?”
“Oh baby , it’s just a boring meeting. There’s nothing for you to do there.”
“I could watch TV in the hotel…”
“But you’d be alone baby.”
“You’ll be alone.” She raises her eyebrows then furrows them.
I lie down and lean my head on her shoulder. “I’ll be busy with work. When I get back, we can write down our wanderlust list.”
“And if you win a million miles…you’ll take me?”
“If I had a million Aadvantage miles, I’d take you anywhere Love.”
“Even Detroit?”
“Yes, baby. Even Detroit.”

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