Just Natural Products Review

So, most of you know by now that Little Miss and I both have skin conditions. She has eczema and I have a very mild case of Psoriasis. Because of our skin issues it is hard to find soaps and lotions that we can use. The funny thing is that on top of my very mild Psoriasis, I have very oily hair. (Thanks, Dad, ha, ha, ha.) The doctor has prescribed us some medications but I hate putting things on and in my body that I can’t even pronounce. I also HATE that everything the doctor has given us is for outbreaks, not prevention. So, when I found Just Natural Products I was super excited. They have EVERYTHING I need PLUS everything is ALL NATURAL, so I feel safe using them on myself and my two-year-old.
Just Natural Products prides themselves on making unique products that are created with the idea of healing your skin or hair and resolving the underlying cause of the problems, all the while using natural ingredients, such as oils, muds, salts, butters, herbs, etc. WOW, I love it! Plus, shopping on their website is so easy, it is set up so you can shop by skin or hair condition or by product.

I was able to review a box full of goodies: Psoriasis Cream and Soap, as well as, Shampoo for Oily Hair and a Vinegar Rinse Cleaner for my hubby’s dandruff.

Psoriasis Cream and Soap – one word, AMAZING! I love, love, love this soap. We have hard water, here in San Antonio and what that means is that when you use soap you don’t feel clean, you feel like there is a film left on your skin. Plus, thanks to store bought soaps and hard water, I have found that my skin is drier, in general. Well, the Psoriasis Soap doesn’t leave that nasty film on my skin. It lathers beautifully and leaves my skin feeling ultra-soft and smells so fresh and clean. Then to rub in the Psoriasis Cream after my shower, oh my GOSH, my skin has never felt so clean and refreshed. Let me take a step back and tell you that this is not your normal cream; it is almost like a light mud that just soaks into your skin. Now, it does not have the best scent (I can’t seem to describe it) but it is not harsh and it works wonders on my scaly elbows and ankles, plus it has even helped with some rosacea breakouts on my arms. All in all, these items are great. (Side note, do not let your kids use the soap in the bath, unfortunately my little ones got ahold of it and let it sit in their bath and it shrunk in size, I almost cried!)

Shampoo for Oily Hair – If you have oily hair then you know how hard it is to find a good shampoo. Next time you are at the grocery look at the shampoo isle, you will find a special shampoo for frizzy, dry, colored, or curly hair, but NOTHING for oily hair. So, I was always stuck using a shampoo for regular hair and by the very next day, my hair is oily and limp. ARG! Now, I don’t have that issue. I use Just Naturals Shampoo for Oily Hair which helps balance out the natural sebum (aka oil) on my scalp, leaving my hair clean and very healthy looking. It lathers nicely, has a fresh scent, and rinses out really well. It leaves my hair feeling light and fresh for days!
Vinegar Rinse Cleaner – I use this once a week to deep clean my hair. It does have a very strong vinegar scent, so I advise using it before bed, ha, ha, ha… The Vinegar Rinse works very well in deep cleaning my hair and gives me the oomph I need to feel refreshed.
Oh, and I know, most of us worry that natural products don’t lather as well as other products, well I can now tell you that we are wrong; I have found that all of Just Naturals products actually lather more than store-bought products and they all smell fresh, without an overwhelming scent.
So if you have wavy, curly, frizzy, oily, pretty much any hair condition OR if you have skin on your bones, ha, ha, ha… I highly recommend that you take some time to do some shopping at www.JustNaturalSkincare.com

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