Have you heard of Crowdtap? Join in for Samples, Products, and CASH!

To tell you the truth, I hadn’t until tonight and I just signed up, so figured I would share with you. Crowdtap is a free site to join to answer questions and try out products for big and small companies. From what I understand, each time you log on and answer questions, you get points. Those points add up to badges and those badges add up to levels. As time goes, you are sent products and samples to try and rate, you participate in new discussions and answer polls.  In return for all of this, not only do you get product samples, but you can earn CASH, points, and gift cards. Like I said, I am kind of new to this, but I hear that fellow Mom-Blogger from Inside My Head has received many products from Old Navy to try out. If you are interested in checking it out, click the photo below or any of the links in this post and sign up, it literally takes like 30 seconds! Like I said, it is FREE, so what do we have to loose, right?

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