A new way to win gift cards…

Okay, I am always on the lookout for new and exiting ways for you to win items and I think I have found one… I have installed a reward system for loyal readers, on the Adventures of My Family of 8! What it does is give you points each time you visit my blog, give my posts a Google +1, or comment on my FB through the Rewards Tab on the right (just click Earn More.) 

Once you earn  points, you can get a $5 Ebay Gift Card, a $10 BestBuy.com Gift card, or a $15 Groupon Gift Card! Try it out for a while and let me know what you think:) To see the prizes click Earn More! on the tab on the right, then once you are on the points screen, you an click Catalog.  Once there you can see the gift cards that are available at the time. Now, these do change so check back often…

I hope this works out for all of us, since it seems like a great and easy way to earn free gift cards, all for being a loyal fan:) 

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