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San Antonio Moms – Want to loose that baby weight?

After three kids I can tell you that I have gained my fair share of baby weight. But, with three kids age four and under, it is hard to find something to do to get rid of those unwanted pounds. That is what I love about Baby Boot Camp, you can bring your kids with you and walk off those pounds - Plus with their Juice in the City Deal, you can do it at half the price - check it out!$29 for 4 Baby Boot Camp Classes at San Antonio LocationsHere is … [Read more...]

Annalie’s Baby Boutique Review and Giveaway

One of my favorite things about The Adventures of My Family of 8 is how many Mom and woman-made-businesses I come across and help. I am in awe when I see a woman who builds something to help herself or her family. That is one of the many reasons I love Annalie’s Baby Boutique.After the birth of her second child, the owner/creator of Annalie’s Baby Boutique wanted to find some nice, creative, one-of-a-kind custom made clothing for her little ones. … [Read more...]

Plum Crazy Gourmet Review and Giveaway

One of the things that I LOVE about this family is that we eat together every night for dinner and for brunch about once every couple weeks. It is nice to have that time that we sit down and reconnect and go over scheduling, events, and to just relax. The crazy thing is that I cook for 98% of these dinners and brunches. Not because I have to, I am sure if I asked others to help, that they would, but because the control freak in me, makes me, ha, … [Read more...]

SJ Creations (Bath and Body) Review and Giveaway

 “Mommy needs a time out” I said to Hubby and the kids after a very, very long day. I left them all playing in the living room and even though it was only six pm, I turned on my shower and let it run for a bit so that the water was nice and warm. I stepped in and grabbed my bottle of SJ Creations, Organic Lavender Body Wash. I pumped one squirt onto my loofa and inhaled deeply. That was exactly the time out I needed; a calm, peaceful, … [Read more...]

San Antonio Moms – What do you do with your old family photos?

I admit it, I am a photo hog. I LOVE photos. I have them all over, old ones, new ones... just everywhere. Unfortunatly, some of those very old ones from my great-grandparents are starting to fade. I have been a loss at what to do with them... until now, thanks to Juice in the City's new deal of...$49 PhotoBin Photo Scanning Value Kit for 400 Photos(That is A LOT of photos, wow) Here's the deal - Not sure how to manage all of those boxes … [Read more...]

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