Blogging Tips – how to bring in Income with your Blog

Okay, I have had many people ask how I make money from my blog! 

Well, the first thing you need to think of is – What can I offer??? Here is the thing, I believe you won’t succeed, if you don’t put time into it. In order to be successful and bring in extra income, you have to have something to offer! People won’t pay anything if they don’t see what they will get out of it!
Here are my thoughts – 
1. You must have some followers – the more, the better! Advertisers need to know that people will see their advertisement. So, join in multi-blogger events… I happen to have one coming up in November (Click HERE for info.) 
2. Don’t overcharge – if you are newer to blogging and don’t have as much followers, as some other blogs, don’t charge an arm and leg for advertising, try offering discounts for new Advertisers, etc. 
3. Check out affiliate advertising – I have had much success with Escalate Network – check them out HERE. They pay per post or click. 
4. Offer advertising packages, button, logo, link, or posts. – Be sure to give all the information, including numbers, analytics, etc. 

Now, you won’t make millions immediately, but if you put time into it, I am sure you will do great! Let me know if you have any questions!

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