How To – install a new Tab on Facebook

Okay, so you would like to install a Giveaway on a new Tab on your Facebook Business Page. It is super easy to do and is allowed by Facebook, which makes it a perfect way to host a giveaway on Facebook!

Here is a step by step – How To!

Choose the App you would like to use. I personally like WooBox Custom Tab – which can be found HERE
Click Go to App

Click Install on Page

Click Add Static IFrame Tab (if you have multiple Business Pages, you may have to choose the page you want it on.)

This will take you back to your business page (I did this on our home business page, as an example) Look to the left for your tab. You may have to click the MORE button until you see your new ARROW Tab (it automatically sets up as being called WELCOME)  – Click your new Welcome Tab

ALLOW ACCESS to your page

It will then open your new Tab – See the blank area – paste your HTML in there.

After you are done pasting the HTML (I used my button html) CLICK SAVE!


This is how it will look

NOW YOU HAVE YOUR PAGE TAB – next thing is changing the TITLE of your tab –

Begin at your business page and click EDIT PAGE

Click APPS
Click the Static IFrame Tab, then click Settings
Change the name – I chose “Giveaway,” then click Save
Go back to your main page and you will see that your tab has been renamed –
WOO HOO – you are all set… if you want to change it along the ways, just go back into that tab and click SETTINGS and you can change the HTML – just be sure to click SAVE each time.
Good luck… let me know if you need any other assistance!

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