Just in time for the Holidays – A CUSTOM Hot Wheels(C) Vehicle

Just in time for the holidays, yes, 87 days away…but,thankfully, I have found the perfect gift for your little one; a Personalized HotWheels© Car! How cool, right?

Well, let me tell you, it is very cool. We were allowed toorder our own personalized Custom Hot Wheels©  vehicle and it was so much fun. Since this is right up Hubby’s ally,I had him assist me in choosing the perfect vehicle for Little Man.

Step One – go to http://customs.hotwheelsshop.com/and choose your vehicle. You can choose from four fun vehicles including: the HiWayHauler, the Surfin’ School Bus, the Passion Cruiser, or the Dairy DeliveryTruck. We chose the Passion Cruiser since we think Little Man will like itbest.

Step Two – Upload your photo – this was the fun part –trying to figure out the best photo to put on the vehicle. Hubby wantedsomething Little Man would really like, so we chose the photo of him in his WarMachine costume. By the way, if you need advice on the best photo to use, HotWheels has a link to help you.  It tookjust a few seconds to upload and my photo was ready to be placed.

Step Three – Placement of the photo – We were able to movethe photo right or left to place it perfectly on the roof of our Custom Hot Wheels©!

Step Four – This is where you add your custom message! Thiswas tough, since there we so many cool things we wanted to say, but we chose towrite “Little Man’s Car!” on it. Thought he would enjoy seeing his name on hisown car.

Step Five – choosing your custom packaging! You can choosefrom: one that says, “Happy Holidays,” one that says, “Made Just for You,” andone that says, “Happy Birthday!” – We chose the package that said, “Made Justfor You!”

Step Six – Finalizing the vehicle – This is where you makesure the photo is perfect and you spelled everything correctly.

Voila, you are all set – you can add your car to your cart!WOW, easy, right?? I sure thought so, plus at only $12.94 shipped, it is reallya great price for a personalized Hot Wheels©  that you know your little one willcherish! Now that I know how easy and affordable the whole process is, I reallythink this would make perfect gifts for Little Man’s friends, you know!

Our custom Custom Hot Wheels© arrived in about a week and we are VERY excited to give it to Little Man. I will be sure to post photos once I do!

So, make this holiday season or birthday ULTRA special foryour little one and check out Custom Hot Wheels© Vehicles TODAY!

Buy it – to purchase your Custom Hot Wheels click HERE and start designing TODAY!

Disclosure – Thisitem was given to Adventures of 8, as part of this review for MomSelect. All views and opinions arethe honest views and opinions of Adventures of 8. We were not paid for thisreview.

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