10 Holiday Planning Tips

Have you been noticing the Christmas Ticker on the top right of my Blog? For those of you that do not REALLY know me, I am a HUGE planner, almost to a fault, ha, ha, ha! Iguess it is because I am a bit of a control freak – so I figured this holiday season, I would sharemy planning strategies with you all:) 
1.    Breath – nothing likethe holidays to make everyone hyperventilate
2.    Make and stick to aschedule – start now – If you are ordering online,  know cut off dates, if you will have itemsshipped to you or directly to the recipient,  etc. Get your holiday cardsordered early, so you have time to get them, address and stamp them, thensend them out. I try to get all my Holiday cards ordered by November 1st,so that I can get them out a week or so after Thanksgiving so that they arrivein plenty of time before the holidays. 
3.    Make a budget – rememberyou don’t want to be in credit card debt – I recommend setting up a budget andpaying CASH for everything… 
4.    Ask around – ask yourkids, family members, and friends what they want for the holidays, get an idea
5.    If you have a bigfamily, set up a White Elephant Present Exchange or pull names from a hat, seta limit to the amount everyone spends. With our family being so big, we put allthe kids names together so that they each have to buy one present for onecousin (about $10 limit) to teach the kids to give. 
6.    Check out charities...even though we may all be strapped for cash, we still should do what we can togive back, whether it is Toys for Tots or becoming a Christmas Angel by helpinga family in need, please try to do something for others. It is a great idea toget your kids involved in this, as well, to help teach the giving spirit. 
7.    Pre-order – gifts,holiday cards, thank you cards, and gift cards – watch sales, starting NOW! Aside not about HolidayCards – now in today’s time of the internet, I fear many people have lostthe urge to MAIL Holiday cards; well, I beg you, please get that urge back…one of the reasons I love going to my mail box each day from Thanksgiving on,is to see who sent holiday cards. My personal favorites are the photo cards.Now, I know many of us share photos on Facebook and other sites, but the”holiday” photos are awesome. For a great place to get holiday photocards at a reasonable price, you might want to check out Storkie for somebeautiful Christmas cards, invitations, labels, and seals; pretty much everythingyou need this holiday season. Another side note here – though I love howholiday cards can be personalized, but I still WRITE a personal message toeveryone. Just my thing, ha, ha, ha!

8.    Decorations – check yourcirculars – holiday decorations are already on sale, stock up now, so youaren’t scrambling… remember to buy extra, especially holiday lights!
9.    Take time for you -schedule to get your nails or hair done, you do a lot and deserve it
10.Enjoy this time ofyear… though it can be stressful, don’t lose sight of what the holidaysactually mean to you. 

I would love to hear anytips you have to share… so please feel free to comment below… thanks so much!
*I wrote this blog post while participating in the Storkie holiday blogging program. I received compensation for my participation. All opinions are 100% mine.*

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