Blogging How – To: Making Money with Blogging #2 –

Okay, so last week I mentioned how you can make money with your blog by using affiliates. Well, since then I have received MANY questions on how they work. Well, instead of replying to each email, I figured I would write a post explaining.

Today I will be explaining how to make the MOST out of Escalate Network!

Sign up – Click HERE – and sign up for free!

  1. Once you are approved, you will receive an email with some basic information, so go log on and take a look around. Here you will see your snapshot of what you have made in the last day. You will also see tabs on the top of the page. 
  2. Click Offers – then click All Offers and take a look at ALL your choices (OMG, so many)


1. Choose an offer, such as Totsy and click on it
2. Choose the DEAL you want to promote – don’t just promote Totsy – promote an amazing DEAL. 
NOW, this is what I do to to raise the chances of someone clicking on your ad- go to their website and find the DEAL you want to promote – something you, yourself think is amazing, something you want to share, and think your readers would like – and copy a photo of the item. Then post that item and deal on your post – 

3. Now, LINK the DEAL, any key words AND your PHOTO 
4. Add your affiliate image, I normally do this at the bottom of the post
5. Add your disclosure – I am not sure of the “rules” here – but I always add a disclosure that this was a paid advertisement

And VOILA – you have an Escalate Network Post – Now, I am still new to EN, BUT, I can tell you that so far, I have made some decent money… so good luck… and please, if you have any questions or advice, email me at Adventuresof8(at)yahoo(dot)com

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