I See Me! Personalized Children’s Books Review and Giveaway

When Baby Miss was born, Little Miss was very excited tohave a sister. She constantly wanted to hold and kiss her. Unfortunately, sinceBaby Miss is now on the move, Little Miss is not so happy. She has a tendencyto push her, walk into her, or even knock her down. I think it is part ajealousy factor and part big sister factor. Since I am new to this area ofparenting, I am always opened to new ways to help Little Miss deal with herfeelings. That is why I was so excited when the company I See Me told me about their new book, The Super, Incredible Big Sister.

I See Me is a wonderfulcollaboration of a husband and wife team who wanted to create a fun,illustrated, personalized book for their little one. Together with anillustrator, they began creating books that celebrate the uniqueness of eachchild, all the while teaching the child how to recognize and spell his or hername.

We received our copy of The Super, Incredible Big Sister andthe first thing I noticed was the illustration on the hard cover. It issuper-bright and very kid-friendly. I love that Little Miss’ name is visible throughthe cover and that throughout the book HER name is a main focal point. Plus, thepages are a heavy duty, thicker gauge, glossy paper, which means that they arehard-to-tear. The story, itself, is just PERFECT, it is all about the bigsister, (not the new baby) focusing on how she and the baby will grow up to bebest friends and how the BIG SISTER  isthe Super, Incredible Big Sister, in charge of teaching her baby sister theropes. PLUS the book comes with a Super Incredible Big Sister MEDAL, which ismentioned in the book, reinforcing everything the book says.  How cool, yes?  

We showed the book to Little Miss and she was very excitedto receive a book, all her own; one with her OWN NAME in it. With each page weread to her, she pointed to her name, excited to see it in print. At the end ofthe book, when it came to the medal information, we pulled it out and showed itto her. WOW, her smile grew HUGE. Not only does she have a new personalized book,but now she gets an adorable medal for being such a Super, Incredible BigSister.

Since then this book has become Little Miss’ favorite bookand anytime she does something nice for or to her sister, she runs to get hermedal. I LOVE IT! All in all, I think that The Super, Incredible Big Sister wasthe answer for my dilemma.

Buy It – Click HEREto check out the MANY personalized books that ISee Me has to offer, including The Super, Incredible Big Sister  and A Very Merry Christmas, perfect for the upcoming holidayseason.

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