Pur Minerals 5-Piece NEW Start Now Kit – Review & Giveaway

You know, I grew up in an age when we used tanning OILSbefore heading to the pool, not sunblock. At the time, I loved my brightbeautiful tan and knew I looked good. Well, now, twenty years later, I look atmy face and notice how uneven my skin tones are, how many blemishes andsun-induced freckles  I have, and even atthe age of thirty-something, the slight laugh lines trying to come through. So,when I received word that I had won the opportunity to try out a Pür Minerals FivePiece Starter Kit I was very excited.
I had heard of PürMinerals before, and knew that they pride themselves on not only helping womenlook beautiful, but in improving their skin quality. By using specially-engineeredpressed mineral color formulas that nourish and condition the skin, keeping it pürand simple.  

Now, I will admit, I was a bit skeptical, that is just who Iam! But, I wanted to give it a try. I went to http://www.Pür minerals.com/planner/makeupand found out which color would work best for my skin and placed my order. OnceI received my kit, I was excited to see how it stands up to my high standards. Iwas impressed that the kit comes with everything you could need to get started:

  • 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup (.15 oz.): Loose powdersare so last year. Combining Pür e mineral pigment with the finest skin careingredients, our all-in-one foundation, concealer, powder and SPF 15 hasinspired generations of women to forget the mess and go pressed.
  • Neutral Primer (.3 fly oz): While most primers createthe illusion of a more uniform complexion, our skin correcting formula containsspecial key ingredients that minimize the look of pores, dark spots and finelines for a truly flawless makeup canvas.
  • Mineral Glow (.12 oz): Combining premium qualityminerals with proven firming ingredients, Mineral Glow gives skin anatural-looking touch of sun with added skin care benefits.
  • Impact+ Mascara (.12 oz): Lengthen, thicken orcurl—most mascaras give you just one option. Impact+ gives you all three, withthe added benefit of extreme lash hydration for naturally healthier lookinglashes.
  • Chisel Brush: Designed specifically for our 4-in-1formula, this cruelty-free total coverage brush delivers an effortlessly evenapplication every time. Also works with Pür specialty powders.

 Day One –
BEFORE Notice how oily my skin is

I followed the directions, washed and moisturized my skin,then applied the Smooth Neutral Primer. Side note, I was worried here, becausethe  Primer felt a bit oily on myfingers, but was amazed that once I massaged it onto my face, it dried soft andsmooth, not oily at all.

NEXT – I used my new Chisel Brush and applied the 4-in-1Pressed Mineral Makeup in circular motions all over my face. The first thing Inoticed was how even my skin looked. All my blemishes were gone and I felt likemy face was a nice canvas, ready to be painted… ha, ha, ha.

NEXT – I used the Chisel Brush, again, and swept the MineralGlow over my face and neck. WOW, this stuff was awesome, I no longer lookedlike day of the walking dead, ha, ha, ha… my face had a slight glow to it, andwas VERY natural looking.

LASTLY – I combed the Impact+ Mascara on my lashes andVOILA, I was ready to go.
After – LOVE IT
I was amazed; the whole process took maybe five minutes andleft me feeling primed and ready to face the day. I was even more amazed thatevening when I went to take my makeup off, to realize that my “face” was stillin place. Normally by five pm, the oil has taken over my face, but with PürMinerals, my face still felt good.

I continued with my kit, day after day.
End of Week One – Even without my Pür Minerals, my face feels softer, butI have not noticed anything else.
End of Week TwoPürMinerals is still doing wonders when it is on, but I am noticing that I amneeding less and less of the 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup, since my skin seemsto be a bit smoother and more even.
End of Week Three – My skin just feels healthier, day or night;I don’t worry about it, as much.
End of Week Four – I am sold – I love this stuff. Thanks to Pür Minerals, I feel like my face ismore evenly toned, has less blemishes, and I have even noticed that my laughlines are not as noticeable.

Now, I know, if you read their website, you can read aboutthe Pür Minerals Proof,(click HERE) and seephotos of REAL Results(Click HERE,) but I haveto say that the proof for me was actually FEELING the difference in my skin,before and after Pür Minerals! It is so amazing, that I recommend Pür Mineralsto EVERYONE!

Buy It – You can Pür chase your Pür Minerals 5-Piece NEWStart Now Kit by CLICKINGHERE!

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