4 Disney Movies + Mickey Mouse Lunch Bag for 1 Dollar!!

Went to Target the other day and found that EVERY DVD I wanted to get the kids was priced $19.95-$29.95 – what is that? That is why I think in the long run, signing up for Disney Movie Club is the way to go. Receive 4 Disney Movies for $1.00 plus a FREE Mickey Mouse Lunch Bag and Free Shipping on initial order with membership. This is awesome!!!

Here is all the INFORMATION you need to see if this is right for YOUR Family!

The Disney Movie Club  is offering 4 Disney DVD’s SHIPPEDfor ONLY $1.00!

You will have to buy 5 Disney DVDs at $19.95 each within thenext 24 months. That is a total of 9 Disney DVDs for $100.75. You will alsohave to pay $3.95 shipping per DVD (excluding the 4 for $1 deal), but if youorder all 5 at once, you will pay just $11.49 shipping. That makes your finalcost for 9 DVDs $112.15 or just $12.46 per DVD. (I hope that didn’t make yourhead spin.)

I have read many posts about whether the Disney Movie Club is worth it. My opinion is if youhave a little one who loves Disney Movies, as much as my three do, then in thelong run it will. Here is where the REAL DEALS come in – once you have madeyour  5 purchases, you will get “specials”such as –

This is one I received last month –CARS2 2-disk pack for $24.95 (3.95 shipping &processing).  Which is about what itcosts in the stores, but if you order it, you can take 60% off club prices on 3more titles…Adding on another Cars2 DVD and two other DVDS for only $7.98 would make a great gifts!You see… so my thoughts are that this is worth it… 

Here are a few of the movies you can choose from that areincluded in the 4 for $1 deal:
  • Tangled
  • Toy Story 3
  • Princess and the Frog
  • Up
  • Cars
  • Tron: Legacy
  • Gnomeo & Juliet
  • Aristocats
  • Mary Poppins
  • and about 30 more titles

I suggest you compare the prices of the movies you wouldpurchase with other prices to see if this is the best deal for yourbudget.

If you are an existing Disney Movie Club member, I’d love to hear youropinion!

To Sign Up for the Disney Movie Club  CLICK HERE!

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