Chugga Chugga, Choo Choo… The Giveaway Train is Coming TONIGHT!

Do you like to save money AND have a great chance at winningsome amazing prizes? Well I do and I have found that entering contests to wingreat prizes is an easy way to get what I want without spending a dime. I havegathered some friends and we are all offering super prizes on our sites. We arepart of the Giveaway train. This Weeks grand prize is comprised of the top 5fan favorites on the OrganicaPure website and they are valued at $130.

The holidays are coming and it is time to indulge in alittle relaxation! What could be more wonderful than pampering yourself withthe ingredients found in nature? These products are made using the power ofscience, combined with the wonders of nature. The healing qualities found intheir main ingredients, Cocoa, Aloe Vera, and Honey have been the foundationfor youthfulness throughout history. The calming effect of treating yourself toa luxurious shower is priceless. It is important to care for yourself.

 This prize package is so large you could keep a coupleitems for yourself, and make an indulgent over the top gift basket for someoneelse. OrganicaPure is offering you the ability to win their five top organic skin care products.

These five unique products provide an appealing experiencefor your body. If you win you’ll enjoy the organic body wash,the shampoo and the deep facialcleanser from their Aloe Vera & Honey line. Plus you’ll get ataste of the anti stretch mark lotion and the 100% organic cocoa body butterfrom their Cocoa & Honey line.

 If you simply can’t wait for this giveaway, I canunderstand why; meanwhile, you can buy 1 product and use the code OP20 duringthe checkout to get 20% off, or If you buy 2 or more products, then you can usethe code OP40 to get 40% off + free shipping! This is an amazing deal. This isa great holiday gift for teachers, or how about a birthday gift? We all need totake a moment and bask in the healing powers only Organica Pure, and nature canprovide.

Instructions to ENTER
When you get on the giveaway train you will need to:

1) Click on this LINK or head to my Facebookpage, find the image below, and click on it
 2) Like and/or Click on the contest links to enter   

3) You will be leaving comments onthe site with the contests. These contests each have their own rules and enddates. 
4) You will click ‘I did it’ here,in the entry form after you have entered the contests to be eligibleto enter our giveaway which ends THURSDAY October 17th 2011. A winner will beselected by . Think of it like this: your trip starts on my website.You leave the station and head to my Facebook page. You get off the train atsome amazing and wonderful sites where you leave comments to win great prizes.Then you end up at your final destination (a Facebook page) and you leavecomments telling us what you have done. You wait a couple of hours to see ifyou have won the prize and any of the other contests you have entered and voilayour journey is over until next week! This Week’s Train Brought To You ByThese Awesome Publishers!   The amazing Blogs participating inthe train this week are: Madame Deals Freebies Sweepsand DealsNovemberSunflower GomommaCoupons HeavenlySavings Isavea2z Freebies PotMycoupon Lady Frugal Experiments Money Savvy Michelle Coupon Clipinista Living AtThe White Heads Zoo Aday In Mother Hood Darcy and Brian Have Kids Will Coupon Giveaway Blogdom Formula Mom Slick Housewives Deal Hunting Diva 3Princes and aPrincess2CrunchyFrugalista Adventures of My Family of 8 Crazy About Deals Couponing to Be DebtFree TheThrifty Things MustLove Coupons Inspiring You 2 Save Sweeping Me Frugal Mom Rocks Slop Swap Saving by Design Moms Review 4 You Pays 2 Save Aday in Motherhood Taking Time for Mommy Giveaway Blogdom InterruptingCow ReviewsMummy Deals Nearly-Nothing Gimmie Freebies (Ifyou would like to sponsor our Train, “Hop Aboard!” and contact Ameeor Heather at for details.)

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