Adventures of 8’s Holiday Gift Guide Full of Giveaways -Chuck E. Cheese’s – Day 33

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DAY 33 of
Adventures of My Family of 8’s Holiday Gift Guide 
Holiday Recommendations, Discounts, and Giveaways for the 2011 Holiday Season!

Day Thirty-three of RecommendationDiscount, and GIVEAWAY – Chuck E. Cheese –  Found by Clicking HERE!

No Holiday Gift Guide would be complete without a gift cardto every child’s favorite place – Chuck E. Cheese’s.Now, I know that many of you may not have even KNOW that  Chuck E. Cheese’s offersgift cards, but I am happy to tell you that they do, and they make perfectbirthday or holiday gifts!

 ChuckE. Cheese’s was nice enough to send me a gift card for one pizza, fourdrinks, and thirty tokens! What fun, right! What I love is that this was theperfect gift for all of us – the perfect family afternoon.

The day we decided to take thekids to ChuckE. Cheese’s, began like any other day, we work up, did our morning routine,and had breakfast. Well, after breakfast I gave Little Man and Little Miss anenvelope with the Chuck E. Cheese’s gift card in it. Little Man was the firstto respond by jumping up and down with joy and excitement, which of course,Little Miss joined in on, as well. They were so excited that every five minutesthey begged to go, ha, ha, ha!

Check out this SECURITY to keep our kids SAFE!

Once we arrived at Chuck E. Cheese’sthe man at the front stamped each of our hands with a number only seen underhis black light number (which is for safety purposes.) I also noted there was acamera and TV at the front desk, as a second line of safety. We then moved onto the cashier where we used our gift card and ordered our pizza. EASY PEASEY!From there Little Man and Little Miss took their cup of tokens and went to townplaying.

What I love about Chuck E. Cheese’sis that:

  • All the games and rides were easyenough for Little Miss to enjoy and exciting enough for Little Man to enjoy.
  • The games are interactive, fromsimulators to video games; there is something for each child.
  • Little Miss LOVED crawling aroundin the tunnels, looking out the windows, and coming down the twisty slide.
  • That I felt secure stepping awayto get drinks knowing that the kids would not be able to leave without me.
What I think is amazing is that bythe time we were finished with the thirty tokens, which took the kids about thirtyminutes, the pizza was waiting for us at our table! Awesome, yes? It was reallynice to sit down as a family and eat while enjoying the holiday Chuck E. TVprogram.

All in all, the whole experiencewas awesome. Just one gift card gave us an afternoon of family fun. So, thisholiday season, why not give the families and kids on your holiday list thegift of fun – a ChuckE. Cheese’s Gift Card!

Buy It – Next time you are outpicking up holidaysupplies, you can stop by your nearest Chuck E. Cheese’s store or anyparticipating CVS, Target and Walgreens locations to purchase your gift cards. Don’tforget that you can load any amount onto Chuck E. Cheese’s gift cards, and aspart of their termsand conditions, there are no expiration dates or service/reactivation feesfor unused card balances.

You can also find great partyideas and special offers for celebrating the holidays on the ChuckE. Cheese’s website, the company’s Facebookpage and on Twitter. For even more fun,check out the Chuck E. Cheese’s YouTube channel to watch fun and excitingvideos featuring the famous Chuck E. having fun with the whole family.

Win it – a Chuck E. Cheese’sGiveaway
Chuck E. Cheese’shas been kind enough to offer one Adventures of 8 Readers your very own Chuck E. Cheese’sGift Card for a Large Pizza, Four Drinks, and 30 Tokens!

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