Adventures of 8’s Holiday Gift Guide Full of Giveaways -Joy Mangano Huggable Hangers – Day 34

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DAY 34 of
Adventures of My Family of 8’s Holiday Gift Guide 
Holiday Recommendations, Discounts, and Giveaways for the 2011 Holiday Season!

Day Thirty-three of RecommendationDiscount, and GIVEAWAY – Joy Mangano-  Found by Clicking HERE!

There is nothing moreirritating then spending time doing laundry, then hanging it all up – just toopen your closet the next day and find your newly washing clothing falling offthe hanger. That is why I think that adding the Huggable Hangers by Joy Mangano in my HolidayGift Guide Giveaway Event is an awesome idea.

You see Joy Mangano is an amazing woman; she is a mother of three, aswell as the Designer and inventor of the Miracle Mop, SHADES readers, and ahuge line of home items on The Home Shopping Network, including the HuggableHangers.

We were given the opportunity to review a set of Huggable Hangers, six shirthangers and six suit hangers, and let me tell you, I love these hangers. Theyare ¼” thick and very slim and lightweight to help conserve space in your closet.They are covered with a soft velvet material which holds everything from aspaghetti-strapped gown to a heavy winter coat in place. Plus they have a longhook which allows you to hand large turtlenecks or scoop neck shirts.
Now, the hangers could nothave arrived at a better time as they did since they arrived the day we cleanedout our closets. It was so nice reorganizing them with my new slimmer hangers.
Here is a short video clipshowing you how wonderful these hangers work.
I love these hangers becausethey save me time in refolding my clothing and money in having to replaceclothing that has been stretched out by sliding off hangers.
So this holiday season whynot get a practical gift for the people on your list, by getting them a set of JoyMangano Huggable Hangers.
Buy It – you can purchaseyour Huggable Hangers by Clicking HERE!
Win It – A Joy Mangano Giveaway
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