My Three-Year-Old was MISSING!

Yesterday my heart stopped… in what seemed like a splitsecond, my three-year-old was MISSING!

Here is what happened. About 3:00 Hubby took Little Miss andLittle Man around the block on their new scooters. By 3:30 he brought Little Missin, telling me that he was taking Little Man out by himself to practice ridinghis bike. I was in the middle of laundry, blogging, and everything else momsdo. By 3:50, Lexi needed a new dose of Tylenol (all three kids are fighting abad cold.)  I took her to the bathroom,gave her a dose of Tylenol, washed the boogies from her face, and heard BabyMiss screaming from her crib. Now, Baby Miss never wakes up screaming, so Iwent in immediately to get her. Her poor face was full of boogies and she waspanting… I think she was having issues breathing with all the boogies, YUCK! AsI took Baby Miss to the bathroom to clean her up, Little Miss asked where herDaddy was, “he took your brother out for a bike ride!” I answered, not thinkingabout it and continued cleaning Baby Miss’ yucky face. I then took Baby Miss tothe rocker to try to sooth her tears and it hit me, Little Miss was gone. Hmmm…I thought, maybe she went downstairs to see my In-laws or nephew? I called downasking my twenty-year-old nephew (who was making dinner) if Little Miss waswith him. He said no, so I ask him to check his Grandparent’s room. “Not inthere, either!” He called up. MY HEART STOPPED!

I ran down the stairs, Baby Miss still huffing and puffing,and went into my In-laws bedroom – “Little Miss is missing, take the baby, Ihave to go look for her!” Within minutes, my nephew, Father-in-law and I were runningaround the house screaming for Little Miss – offering everything from candy totreats (in case she was just hiding!) We continued our search outside,screaming and yelling for my three-year-old daughter! All the horrible thoughtsgoing through my head!

My Father-in-law jumped in the truck to go check with Hubby,in case he came home and got her, meanwhile, my nephew went to walk around theother side of the block, my Mother-in-law did what she could to keep the babycalm, and I was lost- searching under every bed and inside every closet. Whatshould I do? Where should I go? OH MY GOSH – my baby!!!!!

I stood outside, thinking one of them would come back withher and waited and waited and waited, for what seemed like eternity – finally Ilooked up to see my nephew walking up the street carrying her. The child had left the house to look for herDaddy, taking the same route they took earlier that day on their scooters.Problem is; Hubby took Little Man the OTHER way down the block so she wouldn’thave been able to find him.

I ran over to them, furious and happy at the same time. Do Iyell at her? Do I cry? Do I laugh? I wanted to shake her and send her to herroom, but I couldn’t stop hugging and kissing her. I carried the princess tothe front porch to meet with my Mother-in-law, where we both let into thechild, telling her NEVER to leave the house without a grown-up!

Just then, my Father-in-law pulled back up, saw Little Missin my arms and drove back away to tell Hubby, who was coming up the other sideof the street, huffing and puffing. He and Little Man had rushed back and man,he had A LOT to say to me about how HIS HEART STOPPED when his Dad drove up toask if he had seen Little Miss. DUH! LOL… my heart was just starting to beatagain and I was speechless. Who was to blame? Was it me for letting her out ofmy site? Was it my Father-in-law who said that he thought Little Miss hadmumbled something about going outside, but he didn’t pay attention? Was it Hubby’sfault for not installing a bolt on the door?

 I don’t know who is to blame, but I do know onething, I am SO THANKFUL my baby girl is safe INSIDE my home!

PS – we had child locks on the door, but Little Miss canopen them! 

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