Filling the Gaps in Medicare Coverage

As you know, Adventures of My Family of 8 is aMulti-Generational Family…which includes my wonderful Father-in-law.Well… I am very excited to tell you that he has graced us with a wonderful postexplaining about Medicare coverage. We would love your comments below!

When I reached age 65 and qualified for Medicare coverage, Iwas surprised to learn how much I would still need to pay to visit my doctor orif I were hospitalized. I learned that $1,156.00 had to be paid to the hospitalbefore Medicare would start defraying costs. If my hospital stay lasted morethan 60 days, I would have to start paying $289.00 a day, and $578.00 per dayafter 90 days. Doctor’s visits require a $155.00 deductible before Medicarestarts paying their 80%. Fortunately, I was taught about Medicare Supplement Plansthat are also known as Medigap plans.

Original Medicare does not pay for all medical services andwill generally only pay after a deductible has been met. Medicare SupplementPlans help with the Part A and Part B medical costs that Medicare doesn’t coverlike the 20% co-insurance, deductibles and emergency care. Some Medigappolicies will protect you when traveling outside the United States where youhave no Medicare coverage.

The federal government has made it very easy to compare Medicare Supplement Plans.There are ten plans represented by ten letters (Plans A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L,M, and M). The government has dictated that all plans with the same letter mustoffer the same coverage. Although companies have different rates for thesepolicies, the most important thing is finding a company or agent with whom youare comfortable. 

Written by Gail Anthony

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