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Birthdays are very special in our home… we make a VERY bigdeal about them, starting from first thing in the morning of their big day. Thekids know to come to our room where they will find their first present of theday, which is normally a birthday outfit – something special for them to wearon their big day.

Well, this year, Little Man turned five and was very excitedabout his special birthday outfit and began telling me his wishes about a monthbefore his birthday. He wanted anything with a superhero with his name. So, Icontacted my friends at TheTrendy Butterfly, who were more than willing to help me out.

Owl Pillow Case Personalized ORIGINAL DESIGNThe Trendy Butterfly is an amazing online store who offersawesome personalized items such as:

  • Waterbottles (see my review of their personalized water bottles by clicking HERE)
Well, after looking through their extensive line ofpersonalized shirts, I found the perfect one – a personalized superhero shirt –it is so cute and just what he wanted. I placed my order and within days, theshirt arrived. I opened the package and was super impressed with the shirt – itis a thick cotton shirt that is a heavier material and the super hero is brightand bold. I wrapped the shirt and waited for Little Man’s birthday to arrive. 

The morning of the big day, Little Man came barging in myroom, bright and early, looking for his first gift. He ripped opened the paperand immediately started giggling – I asked him what was so funny and he said,“Look, Mama, it is MY NAME and a bat-boy, just what I wanted… can I put it onnow?” Needless to say he wore the shirt all day and wanted to wear it the nextday as well. I have to say that I love the fit of this shirt, it hangs on himperfectly and even after numerous washes, the picture still looks like it didthe first day we received it.

So, take my advice, do something special for your littleone’s special day and check out the personalized tee shirts from The Trendy Butterfly! 

And… don’t forget to check out all the OTHER personalizedItems that The TrendyButterfly offers, by clicking HERE!

Buy It Click HERE to check out ALL the AMAZING personalized products The Trendy Butterfly has to offer. 

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TheTrendy Butterfly has been kind enough to offer one lucky Adventures of 8Readers your very own personalized tee shirt!
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