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If you follow Adventures of My Family of 8, then you knowthat one of my favorite toy companies is B. toys. Not only are they beautifulto look at, they are all educational toys, that stand strong on teaching kidsjust to “B.” themselves, by allowing kids to “B” creative, musical, and to justhave FUN! B. toys, has a HUGE assortment of toys that are bright, colorful, andage appropriate for your child and most can be found at your local Targetstores. Each B. toy comes with a B. quote, which is an amusing quote made by achild. For example, one quote, made by Jace, age 5 was, “When I was a baby inyour belly I was searching for food. I saw broccoli but I didn’t eat that!” Ha,ha, ha… I LOVE IT!

We were given the opportunity to play with the Pop-Arty for thetoddlers and the Wheeee-Isfor Baby Miss. Let me begin by telling you about the Pop-Arty set. The Pop-Arty is anassortment of fun snap-together jewelry that comes in a HUGE storage jar. (Sidenote here, so far, each of the fun B. toys we have tried has come in a storagesac of some sorts, which makes clean up and storage a snap!) The Pop-Arty includes 500bright and colorful pieces, including twelve rings and six bracelets. Each ofthe colorful and texturized shapes snaps easily together to make fun jewelryfor the kids to wear. Little Miss LOVED this set. It was amazing how long she satthere, bright-eyed, just allowing her creativity to flow through her. She madea necklace for her sister, a bracelet for her Daddy, as well as, a new ring forher Mamma.

Now, the Wheeee-Is weresupposed to be a gift for Baby Miss, but I have to tell you that all threechildren, ages one to five, loved these fun little guys. The Wheeee-Is are a set offour brightly designed vehicles, each with their own personal sound, and eachwith an adorable smiley face. What I ADORE about these little vehicles is thatthey are chunky enough that Baby Miss can easily handle them, as well as,simple enough of a concept for her to understand; you just pull back on thevehicle and let it GOOOOO! Since the set comes with four vehicles, it is niceto see all THREE children playing together, and to see that Baby Miss has noproblems trying to keep up with her siblings who are often quick to leave her out.

All in all, these two unique toys are exactly what I loveabout B. toys… unique, colorful and tons of fun to play with.


So, take my advice, whether you are shopping for a holiday,birthday, or just looking for a fun toy to keep your little one engaged, checkout B. toys!

Click HERE to see the FULL selection of toys B. toys has to offer!

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  1. autumn kelly says:

    Thank you for introducing B toys to me. I think I’m going to like this place.

  2. thats an awesome review thanks for sharing 🙂

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