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I remember when I was a child I loved going to work with my Daddy. You see, he was a contractor and was building a store for Apple Computers and as he worked, I was able to sit and play on this HUGE computer. I remember the game was a matching Sesame Street game that had one screen option and different levels, ha, ha, ha! Well, as you know, those one option games are obsolete, as the children of today have the opportunity to log onto kid-friendly sites, such as Molly Moccasins, to play games, read books, listen to music, and more!

MollyMoccasins.com, an all-digital book series that features 67 digital stories plus games and activities for children ages 4-8, believes that “a curious mind is never bored.” Consistently featured in Apple’s iBook store and purchased by parents and educators in over 70 countries, the world of Molly Moccasins and the theme that “life is an everyday adventure” has placed this innovative multimedia company at the forefront of the children’s eBook and app revolution.

For parents searching for a positive and fun activity for their kids, this is it. Author Victoria O’Toole’s blend of adventure, fun and solid storytelling raise your spirit and promote good, solid life lessons. The bright and vibrant illustrations and quickly paced stories easily engage young readers. Though readers can choose their own order of which stories to read, it is recommended to start with Molly and her Moccasins first to learn how Molly gets her moccasins and finds her purpose.

Molly Moccasins is dedicated to providing a safe online environment for children and has a no-advertising, no privacy sharing policy. Stories can be purchased for $0.99 each or a lifetime membership, all access pass to the website – great for gift giving and curing a case of cabin fever this winter — can be purchased for ONLY $29.99!
We were given the opportunity to try Molly Moccasins and I have to tell you that this website is now starred in our “Favorites” Tab!

See how the word "THAT's" is Highlighted in Pink? That is the part of the story being read!

This is why –
• The website is easy enough for Little Man to navigate (remember, he is five-years-old) – Once we showed him all the tabs, he quickly became a Molly Moccasins pro!
• Each of the games has levels – meaning a child can begin on level ONE and move through to level THREE. Or if a child is older, he/she can begin on the level appropriate for their age. Example – the puzzles (which happen to be Little Man’s Favorite) – begins with Level 1 with four puzzle pieces, then Level 2 has nine pieces, and Level 3 has sixteen pieces.
• The stories are read to the children, all the while highlighting the word being read.
• There is a huge assortment of books to ensure your child will be able to begin a new adventure each time they log on!
• The games teach – for example the word scramble shows the child the word, while saying the word. Then the child has to put the letters in the correct spots. Again, with levels, making the words age-appropriate.
• The website is engaging and with so many activities, the kids STAY engaged, without getting bored!


Level 1 with 4 Pieces

Level 2 with 9 Pieces

Level 3 with 16 Pieces

Also, you know how I love companies that give back? Well, for each book purchased, Molly Moccasins gives one story to a child in need; Story for Story! Awesome!

I have to tell you that even though Little Miss is only three, she still enjoys playing the Dress Up Game and loves the Printable Coloring Books offered on Molly Moccasins. All in all, I love knowing that the kids can play online, in a safe environment, with no ads to click on, while learning numbers, spelling, and reading! Oh and I forgot to tell you – MollyMoccasins.com can also be taken ON THE GO (ideal for restaurants, long car rides and keeping busy while big sister is at gymnastics!) and be enjoyed on virtually all digital platforms including eBooks, audio books and you can even purchase the Apps for Android and Apple devices for only $1.99.

So, do your kids a favor; head on over to Molly Moccasins, by clicking HERE and purchase the Lifetime Membership TODAY! Your kids will thank you for it!

Win It – a Molly Moccasins Giveaway

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  1. Samantha K says:


  2. Lily Kwan says:

    I think the games will be enjoyed the most.

  3. michelle king says:

    my girls would love the stories and games!

  4. My 5 year old will love the puzzles and my 7 year old will love the stories!

  5. My son would love the coloring the character.

  6. Andrea Gardner says:

    My daughter will love the read-to-me books and that it is compatible with my NOOK Tablet and my son will love the games, especially the puzzles 🙂

  7. Darlene Arnold says:

    I think my granddaughter would love the stories. She LOVES to be read to.

  8. I think my daughter will love the stories as well as the puzzles

  9. This is something I’m really excited about. I would be really excited to win! I’m going to check out the app now:)

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