*Public Service Announcement* Free 24/7 Locksmith Services to Help if a Child Gets Locked in YOUR Vehicle!

Summer is coming and I HATE hearing about children being left in vehicles! Especially, if a child locks him/herself in the vehicle. Well, I am happy to share that Pop-A-Lock San Antonio provides free, 24/7 locksmith services if a child is locked inside!

Here is what they have to say:

Accidental lock-ins can quickly turn life-threatening in Texas, especially in the summer. According to the organization Kids and Cars, an average of 37 kids die each year from being accidentally locked in the car.

As a local locksmith, we’re happy to offer our services to the community to keep families safe. It’s a completely free service, and it’s easy to use. We work with San Antonio fire departments, so parents can simply call 911. To get even faster service, parents can call our direct number at 210-637-0303. There’s more information about our free emergency door unlock program on our website, www.popalocksanantonio.com. Pop-A-Lock has rescued thousands of babies, toddlers, and older kids and seniors who couldn’t get out on their own.

So, please mark this post as a favorite, so if GOD forbid, you should be put in this situation, you know what to do!

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