G!VE-it-Away – W!N a 14K Gold White Cats Eyes Bracelet from Town Square Jewelry

Every woman should have a place to go for affordable and beautiful jewelry! Town Square Jewelry is that place for me! Each of Town Square Jewelry’s chains, bracelets, and necklaces are sold by the inch, offering an unlimited amount of sizing options, unlike the predetermined length that most other jewelers offer. This ensures that when you purchase your item from Town Square Jewelry, it will fit perfectly! They also offer beautiful rings, charms, and more!Well Town Square Jewelry was kind enough to give us the opportunity to review their 14K gold White Cats Eyes Bracelet; which happens to be the prize in their newest Facebook Sweepstakes, found HERE! Since summer is right around the corner, I chose to order this to fit my ankle. When my order arrived I was super excited to open the package and find the beautiful jewelry box with my new piece in it! (This is one of the things I love about Town Square Jewelry; each piece comes in a box, making it easy to give as a gift… these are the touches that make this an awesome company!)

I immediately put my new piece on my ankle and was happy with the perfect fit. The White Cats Eyes are beautiful! I love how they catch the light and add the perfect touch to the gold bracelet. The piece is light weight and tough enough that it withstood Baby Miss trying to pull it off my foot!

Remember, Mother’s Day is right around the corner, so do yourself a favor, go to Town Square Jewelry and find the perfect gift for your Mother, or better yet, pass the website onto your Spouse with a hint as to what you would love to receive on your special day!

Don’t forget to enter to WIN this piece, click the Sweepstakes Button on Town Square Jewelry’s Facebook Page by Clicking HERE and Follow Town Square Jewelry on Twitter and Pinterest!

Here is the AWESOME NEWS – Town Square Jewelry has been kind enough to offer ANOTHER Giveaway to one of Adventures of 8’s Readers – how exciting!

WIN IT – a Town Square Jewelry Giveaway

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  1. New to all this but learning quickly – thanks for all you do!!

  2. I love the Fumi White/Black Bangle Purse Hanger!

  3. Linda Flynn says:

    Every woman loves jewelry me included. I like rings,bracelets ,necklaces,earrings,watches all. Thanks for give way.

  4. This one is my favorite: http://www.townsqjewelry.com/caged_pearls-bracelet-p-gold-ankle-bracelets.html
    Stephanie recently posted..Cruising for Giveaways Hop 4/22My Profile

  5. MommaMary says:


  6. Tracy Robertson says:

    I like this watch the most. It’s so elegant and unusual!

  7. debbie johnson says:

    i love diamonds and gold. http://www.townsqjewelry.com/caged-diamonds-bracelet-p-gold-bracelets.html

  8. Kimberly Bauer says:

    I follow you by email.

  9. I like the14K Gold Dangling Dolphins Necklace

  10. catherine c says:

    i like the 14K Gold Open Winged Butterfly Charm

  11. Julie Lynn Bickham says:

    This one is my favorite:


  12. Rachel Buntyn says:

    I love this giveaway because it is close to Mother’s Day…therefore, would be a great gift!

  13. trisha scott says:

    follow by e-mail and GFC i like this one plus many others

  14. Rachel Buntyn says:

    This one is a favorite: 14K Gold Caged Diamonds Bracelet.

  15. Rachel Buntyn says:

    I didn’t see the extra info. box….

    I follow through e-mail newsletter.

  16. I love the gold and diamonds:

  17. I follow by email, GFC, google+, facebook, twitter :)
    Jennifer Rote recently posted..Mom ME Time Giveaway & Hop.My Profile

  18. Charlotte Robinson says:

    I follow via email

  19. Charlotte Robinson says:

    I like this ring best: http://www.townsqjewelry.com/stainless-steel-wave-band-p-rings.html

  20. Jennifer Patton says:

    Beautiful thank you for the opportunity

  21. matthew b says:


  22. beth marhefka says:

    I follow you through email

  23. beth marhefka says:


  24. Rae Ramos says:

    i am an email subscriber ruthie1019@gmail.com

  25. I like this bracelet http://www.townsqjewelry.com/emeralds-and-diamonds-bracelet-p-best-selling-jewely.html

  26. I follow with google + as Shilo Beedy

  27. judy gregory
    Twitter: yipperbear

    i love this cause i’m really trying to win a nice piece of jewelry for my roomie 4 mother’s day

  28. judy gregory
    Twitter: yipperbear

    http://www.townsqjewelry.com/rhodium-x-love-ring-p-rings.html yea me I just figured out how to paste a link 1st time woohoo k got posts backwards fixing now

  29. I like the 14K Gold Sapphires And Diamonds Bracelet.

  30. Glenna F.
    Twitter: gfaccenetti

    I like this one http://www.townsqjewelry.com/hearts-charm-bracelet-p-charms-bracelets.html

  31. Glenna F.
    Twitter: gfaccenetti

    I follow on G+ and email.

  32. chattie hale hinkle
    Twitter: whatever1622

    i follow you through email and google and twitter
    i like this because it is so pretty thanks for the chance to win it and i also like

  33. Janet
    Twitter: bughelljanet

    My favorite football my son thats 10 loves football :) http://www.townsqjewelry.com/flat-football-charm.html

  34. Paul T / Pauline T says:

    I like the Rhodium Marine Corps Logo Charm

    - (Paul T / Pauline T…pls use emscout9 at hotmail dot com instead of gmail to contact me)

  35. Paul T / Pauline T says:

    Email subscriber….. emscout9 at Hotmail dot com

  36. Stephanie Hirsch says:


  37. Melissa Stepanski(Mixie) says:


  38. stephanie rowe says:

    email subscriber, and my fav piece is the 14K Gold Caged Pearls Bracelet

  39. kathy schram says:

    I wold love to win the 14 K Gold Caged Pearls Bracelet I am a email subscriber

  40. Wanda Rountree says:

    http://www.townsqjewelry.com/sapphires-and-diamonds-bracelet.html, the sapphire and diamond bracelet.

  41. I like this one best: http://www.townsqjewelry.com/beautiful-ruby-and-diamond-tennis-bracelet-p-gold-bracelets.html

  42. Carolyn Ann Colley (Griffith, Smith)
    Twitter: 22Colley

    I like this ring: http://www.townsqjewelry.com/diamond-and-black-cz-ring-p-rings.html
    I follow email & Google.

  43. Trasina McGahey says:

    http://www.townsqjewelry.com/beautiful-tennis-bracelet-p-gold-bracelets.html Pretty!!

    I follow G+ as Trasina McGahey and email TrasinaLM at gmail dot com

  44. jackie stevenson says:


  45. Kim Reid says:

    Following via Google + as Kim Reid and subscribed to emails – kimberlybreid at hotmail dot com

  46. Kim Reid says:

    I love this:



  47. Lily Kwan says:

    I follow you on Google+ under the name Lily Kwan.

  48. Lily Kwan says:

    The 14K Gold Dangling Dolphins Necklace looks very nice!


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    Sell your gold jewelry at POT OF GOLD GOLD EXCHANGE, Shop 9b Main Road, Melville, Johannesburg

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