Men, Got Gray??? Let Just for Men ® AutoStop™ Hair Color Help!

My Father-in-Law is gray… yes, I know it is a natural occurrence as you get older. The thing is that he still FEELS young at heart, so why not LOOK as young as he feels? So when I was contacted to review Just for Men ® AutoStop™ hair color, I immediately thought of him!

Just for Men ® AutoStop™ hair color is super easy to use, nothing like the hair color I use where I have to mix, shake, then apply; this comes ready to use, all you have to do is comb it in! With no ammonia or peroxide, it is gentle in your hair without the harsh smell that my hair color has. Plus, it comes in five shades to match your own hair color!

My Father-in-Law said that it took no time to apply and set, his only issue was that since the hair color was so dark, it was hard to tell if he missed some places, which he did… so next time he plans to have a second set of eyes to check for him! Ha, ha, ha!



So, why not help the man in your life look as young as he feels? Click HERE to get a $3.00 off coupon!

*This has been a Sponsored Post. The product was given to us for a product review sponsored by Smiley360! All opinions are honest and we were not paid for this post.

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