Referdia… Dealz Customized for YOU!!! (Plus a way to make MOOLAH)

Have you heard of Referdia? Well, let me tell you… Referdia is a new social media platform that is similar to a combination of Facebook and Groupon. It is currently the third largest deal site and it is growing every day. Referdia allows businesses and consumers to sign up for free and is completely customizable with a range of discounts and special deals. Instead of receiving emails every day from places that don’t interest you (like other deal sites,) you are able to set up your profile to only receive deals from companies you want, and it also allows you to follow specific businesses to ensure that you are the first to know of any new hot deals.
It really is a great no-spam website and you will receive excellent deals and huge discounts, Some of the Vendors are places that have refused to do Groupon but have signed up with Referdia.

Sign up for your FREE account by Clicking HERE

Also, if you have any interest in bringing in an additional income on your own time (completely flexible hours and no time commitment, making this a perfect opportunity for a stay at home parent or a person with a full time job) contact Katie at There are two home based business opportunities available with the company and it looks like it’s fun and lucrative work without having to sell anything.
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  1. Angela Hogan says:

    I clicked on the link above to join Referdia. I got to the activation page. It stated that if I didn’t get my code in 10 minutes, then to click resend. I waited and nothing, so I clicked for them to resend the code. Again, I waited and nothing. So, I clicked on it again for them to send the activation code. Still nothing. This morning, I open my email and it took about 8-12 hours to receive the 3 activation codes. NONE of them worked. The activation page stated that all 3 codes were invalid. ??? Okay, so now I do not want to join. I thought you should know that.