Beginner Bloggers… Please Take My Advice….

Good morning… anyone out there a beginner Blogger who wants to get serious??? Well, let me give a little piece of advice that I WISH someone had told me when I began…. If you plan to Blog for your living YOU MUST GO GET A DOMAIN NAME NOW! LOL…

Here is what happened to me…

If you have read any of my Blogging Tips, found under the Blogger Resources Tab at the top of my Blog then you know that I began on Blogger. In all honesty, I am not a Blogger-Basher… I had NO issues with Blogger. My site was never down and it was very simple. I worked hard at my Blog… my Google Analytics numbers were good, I had a pretty high Google Page Rank, and my Alexa Rank was pretty low.  But, after a year of Blogging, I wanted to do MORE for with site, I wanted to offer more choices… it took a lot of sleepless nights but I finally made the decision to switch to WordPress and get my own Domain (so instead of being @blogspot or what ever… I was my own site.)

Well.. I did my homework and hired someone to do my transfer (I am not HTML-proficient and had no clue where to start.) Part of the transfer was also implementing my new Domain –… come on, go ahead and bookmark me now, please!

Anyways, after my switch, I was slapped in the face with the realization that all of my hard work to build up my Google Page Rank and Google Analytics was for nothing, it was all GONE… After a year of Blogging, I had to change my Media Kit to say I did not know my Google #s and I was now a Google Page Rank of 0! I was devastated.

Now, the cool thing was that with the help of some great people (Just Married with Graphics and others) I got my Page Rank back up within a few months… but I wanted to warn all of you. If you are serious about Blogging and plan to do it for a while… go get a domain, it is pretty cheap and VERY worth it!


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  1. Can you still use Blogger but then have the domain name as well? I was just thinking about this the other day.. that what will happen to my links when I want to change to WordPress..

  2. So true, it does seem like harder work to start off when you could just so easily setup with a hosted blog but when you really want to get real then you are going to notice more and more restrictions. Arguably when 1st starting using a hosted blog will give you a little bit of a boost but it you are in it for the long haul then you need to start on the right foundations.

  3. Awesome advice! I am still in my blogging infancy (five months in) – I switched to my own domain in April and I’m still waiting for one month to pass so I can get my unique visitors count!

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