Get Ready for Summer Travel with O3 Children’s Luggage G!VE-it-AWAY

Summer is right around the corner and like many of you; we have already booked our summer vacations. This will be the first year traveling as a complete family of three toddlers and Hubby & I… so to say that I have been stressing is an understatement, ha, ha, ha! Since I am such a planner, yes sometimes to a fault, I have been working hard to figure out the BEST way to travel with little ones. We have begun taking weekend trips here and there, to get the kids acclimated to traveling and to help me figure out the best way to do it. A recommendation I have heard is to allow your kids to help in packing, allowing them to learn how to be responsible for their belongings. Well, the first step in teaching Little Man this skill is by providing him with his own luggage, made just for kids, from O3.

O3 is a company founded on principles of creativity, functionality and a funky spirit, who strives to offer products that are unique, stylish, and, most importantly, cool.  Through their designs they strive to please their customers by incorporating patterns and prints that embody the fun spirit of today’s modern youth (and adults) so that consumers can express themselves freely without losing the functional aspects of the product.  In fact, most of their designs were created through the suggestions of the little princesses, ballerinas, divas, firemen, racecar drivers and pirates of today’s youngest generation.  They say – why sacrifice function for fashion?

We were given the opportunity to choose a design from one of their twelve hip designs and we chose the ‘Racecar.’ Our luggage arrived and it is JUST perfect. First of all, it is 16″ tall x 11″ wide x 8.5″ deep, so it is PERFECT size for Little Man. The hip design is fun and boyish, and Little Man was very excited about having his “own” luggage.

These are the features that we ALL LOVE:

  • The size… as I said earlier, this is the perfect size and weight. Little Man, and actually Little Miss, both had no problems picking up the luggage or pulling it around, even when it was full of clothing.
  • It carries enough… even though it is “child-sized” we have been able to easily pack enough clothing for both Little Miss and Little Man for weekend trips, making it clear that we will have NO issues packing a weeks’ worth of clothing for our trip this summer.
  • The front pocket is insulated, making it ideal for snacks on the go!
  • Little Man really loves the inner mesh pocket that is perfect for his books.
  • It has a drink pocket on each side so that Little Man can store his own drinks, keeping his hand free to hold a hand of either Hubby or I, at the airport.
  • It is super durable… we have already used it on numerous weekend getaways and it has withstood Little Man rolling it down the steps and being loaded in the back of our truck!

Little Man's Clothing Fits Perfectly

The outer "snack pocket" keeps things cold.

We just love that there is a place for Little Man's Water Bottle

All in all, O3 has made my life so much easier… It is awesome, that Little Man is in charge of his own belongings and that he truly takes pride in that. Plus, knowing that I don’t have to figure out how to fit his clothing in my own suite case and that his luggage is perfect to carry-on the plane, so that we won’t have to pay to check another bag has been a relief.  Through their innovative and useful designs, O3 feels that their products provide unique functions while at the same time remaining stylish and cool and I can’t agree more.  Whether you are in need of on-the-go products and bags for your child, travel items, accessories for the family, or that special back to school gift, I personally suggest that you check out O3  products, as I know you will have as much fun using them as they had designing them!

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  1. Lisa R
    Twitter: sibabe64

    I love the pink one with the peace sign………

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  2. Betty Baez says:

    Love the football one

  3. Kimberly Lorman says:

    pink with the star

  4. Wendy R says:

    I would love this for my children cause it has everything you need in one. Thanks for the chance to win one. And a special thanks to all your hard work you do for us 🙂

  5. melissa holske says:

    the motorcyle is awesome my son would love it

  6. tami husak says:

    this is the one I like- O3 Kids Cooler Luggage – Turquoise Butterfly

  7. Wendy Tew Pruitt says:

    Love this luggage and haven’t gotten any 25 yrs Need Need Need

  8. Alicia Zirjacks says:

    I love the camo airplane suitcase

  9. jennifer wexler says:

    O3 Kids Cooler Luggage – Bling Rhinestone Star

  10. Heather G says:

    I love the peace signs.

  11. annette campbell says:

    I like the tie die bag

  12. Debra Pauley says:

    This is a great giveaway…who can’t use luggage:) I’d love to get new luggage:)

  13. love the tie dye suit case

  14. My kids would love their own luggage!!

  15. carla garcia says:

    i love the tye dye

  16. My son would love the cool O3 Kids Cooler Luggage – Space Shuttle

  17. carol roberts says:

    love this giveaway its exactly what ones needs to keep their kids clothes in on a trip

  18. carol roberts says:

    O3 Kids Luggage and Backpack Set – Space Shuttle my favorite peice

  19. Jaime Hecksher says:

    I love the 3 kids cooler luggage in peace

  20. motorcycle for my son!

  21. Nikki Garner says:

    I like the motorcycle luggage

  22. tracy p. says:

    The purple with wings is my favorite because my daughter loves purple

  23. Seyma Shabbir says:

    The Tiedye one it stands out

  24. I think the Rag Top would be fun for me, but my kids would love the luggage with the star design.

  25. Love the space one

  26. Micah Pearson says:

    tiedye kids backpack

  27. I like the Purple Wings luggage.

  28. Stephanie Mago-Eagle says:

    My favorite is the purple with the wings,our last name is Eagle it reminds me of Eagle’s wings

  29. Meghan Finley says:

    I like the purple one with the wings

  30. catherine c says:

    i like the one with the motorcycle design

  31. Sarah Walker
    Twitter: starcrossed22

    My favorite piece is the 3 Kids Cooler Luggage – Flag Heart.

  32. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    I like the Butterfly

  33. I like the purple, butterfly suitcase.

  34. vannessa kessinger says:

    love this, grands would lov

  35. My son would like the camo suitcase

  36. Thuy Vu says:

    I would love the blue bag with the motorcycle for my son.

  37. illy junus says:

    the racer one for my son

  38. Devona Fryer says:

    I like the Camo.

  39. Cindy Demaree says:

    Pink Peace!

  40. Sara Wicks says:

    I like the tiedye one

  41. love the pink peacebackpack

  42. Wendy Pogrant says:

    Kids Cooler Luggage – Camo

  43. The Butterfly is my favorite

  44. Alicia Whittaker says:

    My son loves the blue and black one with the car. My daughter loves the purple with wings and the tye dye one. I love the purple one with wings also. I love that they have the pouch to keep the snacks cool or warm.

  45. jodi leah bard says:

    the camo one for sure!!

  46. My kids would love this!!!

  47. Christina Anne says:

    I like the pink “Peace” luggage piece.

  48. Kelly D says:

    I like the Kids Cooler Luggage – Bling Rhinestone Peace

  49. Camo

  50. Glenna F.
    Twitter: gfaccenetti

    I like the pink one with the star.

  51. Terri B
    Twitter: TxTerriSweeps

    How timely… was just trying to teach my little boy to pack today!

  52. Annmarie W. says:

    I love the Tie Dye suitcase!

  53. Misty Thompson says: the peace backpack

  54. alena svetelska
    Twitter: alee1972

    I like the pink bag with the star.

  55. Teresa F says:

    My 3 year old would love the Camp suitcase. Thank you.

  56. Rebecca Xavier says:

    I like the pink bag with the star.

  57. trisha scott says:

    I love the camo one

  58. christine jessamine says:

    i love the o3lk009.camo!!!

  59. My little ones would love the green football!

  60. Thank you so much for this wonderful contest

  61. Seyma Shabbir says:

    Follow by emai nothing loaded.

  62. I’ve reloaded a ton and don’t see a form. Is there a trick to it or do we just enter here?

  63. Christina says:

    other giveaway entered –

  64. Kimberly Bauer says:

    I follow by email

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