La Madeleine, Alamo Heights… Stop in Again, for the Very First Time… New Look, New Feel, Same Great Taste…

Tonight I took a step back into my childhood as I walked through the doors of the Country French Café, La Madeleine! You see, I grew up traveling to Europe frequently and at times, I find myself missing authentic French cuisine, such as crepes, breads, and pastries… which is why I am such a fan of La Madeleine.  I began enjoying La Madeleine’s French cuisine back when I worked in Bethesda, Maryland and was excited to find numerous café’s, here in San Antonio! (Side note, I had NO-IDEA La Madeleine was born here in Texas!)

Well, this evening I was able to attend a Blogger Event at the newly renovated La Madeleine in Alamo Heights and it was an evening to remember. From the moment I entered I noticed the numerous changes in this updated café. From the fresh country-side themed décor and more opened floor plan, to the innovative electronic menus found behind the ordering counter, along with delectable-looking photos of the breads, salads, and sandwiches, the restaurant felt more welcoming than ever!

Check out this awesome menu! Make you HUNGRY?

I made my way back to our cozy meeting room that reminded me of a comfy dining room in a French Country Side home, and was actually greeted by not only the President/Chief Operating Office, Philip Costner, but the Founder, Patrick Esquerre! As we sat around the table enjoying the wonderful stories of the origins of La Madeleine and the new updates, we were given the opportunity to enjoy some authentic La Madeleine cuisine.

The Cuisine… mmmm… not sure where to start, ha, ha, ha! I am already a HUGE fan, but today I was given the opportunity to taste test the Reduced Fat Tomato Basil against the regular Tomato Basil! People, I am SHOCKED at this, the taste was exactly the same, the only difference I noticed was that the regular Tomato Basil was a bit creamier, but other than that, the taste was amazing! With each bite, I could just feel the thought, power, and love that went into creating this reduced fat soup, while keeping the mouth-watering taste the same as its predecessor.

I was also given the opportunity to try some other La Madeleine favorites, such as the Spinach Pochette and Quiche Lorraine. What I loved about each dish was how rich and powerful each bite was, in true French style!

Of course, what would be a French meal without a delectable dessert? The Strawberries Romanoff and Mini Parfait were the “icing” on the night, ha, ha, ha!

I am not only a huge fan of all the visual changes, and of course food, but I am very impressed with the new ordering structure that has been implemented, allowing the customers to go to their table and relax, after ordering, rather than trying to carry their trays down the food line.

All in all, it really was a night to remember, not only did I learn quite a bit, it was a pleasure filling my belly with all the magnificent food all the while, getting to know some wonderful people, I now call FAMILY!

At this time, the Alamo Heights location is the only one that has implemented these new changes, so whether you only have enough time for a quickie lunch or are looking for a place to sit back and enjoy a meal while you work, I would recommend that you stop by La Madeleine in Alamo Heights.

La Madeleine Country French Café at Alamo Heights
4820 Broadway, San Antonio 78209

**Disclosure – This event was sponsored by La Madeleine Country French Café. All views and opinions are true and honest.**

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