San Antonio Eating – Shilo’s Delicatessen Review

As you know, I am from the North East. My Father was a Conservative Jew and kept kosher. We ate at Kosher Deli’s constantly and every Sunday our morning began with a drive down to the local bagel place for yummy bagels. Well… we moved to San Antonio just about four years ago and I have been searching for a good Reuben ever since!

Today we went down to E. Commerce to try out the German Delicatessen, Schilo’s!

Schilo’s Delicatessen
Location: 424 E. Commerce St., San Antonio, TX 78205

Schilo’s, German-Family owned and operated, opened it’s doors at a different location back in 1917 and has been gracing San Antonio with authentic German food since!

Here are our thoughts –

Location – what an awesome location, located by the Cameo Theater and the River Walk, it is a great location!

Parking – not so great… we couldn’t find any street parking so we paid $4.00 to park in the parking area just behind the restaurant. We had to walk a bit, so we had to use the stroller.

Restaurant – it was like stepping into a deli from the past. When you walk in to seat yourself, you walk by a huge glass display of meats, cheeses, desserts, and deviled eggs.

Down-side – It was a bit crowded with tons of people and tables and there was not enough room for our stroller. Thankfully a waiter was kind enough to grab the stroller and put it in back for us.

The waiter greeted us within minutes, explaining the menu, which is full of tons of yummy dishes. You could get everything from Sausage Platters, to Home-Made Chicken & Dumplings (which happened to be the Meal of the Day!) Even though I really wanted to try the Chicken & Dumplings, both Hubby and I chose the Reuben and ordered a PB&J for the girls.

I was super impressed that even though the place was packed, I mean every seat was full…the sound level was not bad at all! From the time that we sat down until we got our food was about five minutes. Enough time to go take Little Miss to the potty and come back and voila, our food was on the table!

Family Friendly – Unfortunately they do not offer anything to keep the children busy at the table; no crayons or anything like that. Plus they only offer three Children’s Meals… each children’s meal comes with chips and a drink, offering no healthy choices.

The PB&J came with plain chips and a drink and both Reubens came with only a pickle. I also ordered a side of German Potato Salad.

I loved that the Reuben was packed nicely with meat, cheese, and sauerkraut and was impressed that the sauerkraut was placed between the meat instead of lumped on top. The Rye bread was very fresh and lightly toasted. Even though it was not exactly like the deli’s I miss from home, this was a close second.

All in all the meal was good, the waiter was exceptionally on-the-ball, and the ambiance was nice! The bill came to $29.09 which is reasonably priced for two sandwiches and a kids meal!

Food – [xrr rating=4/5]
Service – [xrr rating=5/5]
Parking – [xrr rating=3/5]
Family-Friendly -[xrr rating=3/5]
Price -[xrr rating=4/5]
Kids Menu – [xrr rating=3/5]

**All opinions are my own, this was NOT a Sponsored Post!**

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  1. Amy @ Oh So Savvy Mom
    Twitter: Ohsosavvymom

    Sounds delicious, and I love a good Reuben. I’ll have to try this next time we go downtown.

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