Disney/Pixar’s BRAVE; An Epic Mother/Daughter Tale – In Theaters Everywhere!!!

We had the opportunity to see a Press Screening of Disney/Pixar’s BRAVE and oh my, it was a wonderful movie! I brought Hubby and Little Man with me and admit, that though I have posted some pre-movie material on Adventures of 8, I really did not know what the movie was about. I put on my 3-D glasses and watched in awe of the amazing graphics. Disney/Pixar did an awesome job of showing each curl and kink of the main charachter, Princess Merida’s (voice of Kelly Macdonald) hair! Now, as I said, I was unsure of what the movie was about so I waited in anticipation to see a “Prince” arrive and to my shock, there wasn’t any Prince. Instead of the normal Disney Love Story, BRAVE  is an epic Mother/Daughter tale, telling the story of Princess Merida and her struggles with the normal “butting of heads” with her mother! But unlike a teenager of today, instead of going to her room to pout, she makes her way to the forest where she makes a deal with a WITCH! Of course, this deal turns the whole Kingdom upside down and it is thanks to Princess Merida’s true bravery and a understanding between her and her Mother that saves the day! The movie was full of humor that caused the theater, as well as myself and five-year-old to chuckle out loud!

All in all BRAVE  is a must see for everyone… boys and girls alike will enjoy the constant action and heroics of this amazing tale.

Feel free to watch a short clip below!!!

Brave is NOW opened in theaters nationwide!

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