Blackberry Users – Sign Up TODAY to W!N Amazon G/C’s, iPad 2, or a Samsung LCD HDTV

Join MobileXpression, a trusted market research community. Join now and after only 7 days as an active member you can earn a guaranteed prize in our Instant Rewards game – Amazon gift cards, an Apple iPad 2, and a Samsung LCD HDTV are among the available prizes.

Here is how it works – sign up HERE then install the app on your Blackberry… To be an active member and earn the prize, simply install our app on your phone and keep your phone on and in coverage. You will earn your prize after 1 week of membership. Accepted carriers: Verizon, ATandT, T Mobile, Sprint

This is for Blackberry’s ONLY!!!

CLICK HERE to get started now!!!


*please note, I have not signed up for this since I don’t have a blackberry, so would love to hear your thoughts below once you sign up!!!

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