G!VE-it-AWAY – If you LOVE Taking Photos You Will Want to W!N CameraBag2 Photo Editing Software

I LOVE taking photos; I really do! Years ago I tried to figure out photoshop but the file was so big it kept crashing my computer. Friends would rant and rave and I couldn’t use it. Since then, I am always looking for photo editing software that:

  • Is small enough to use on my laptop
  • Is Easy to use
  • Offers enough effects to touch up and change my photos

Well, I have found the answer to my prayers in CameraBag2 available to MAC and PC. With CameraBag2, you don’t have to know what look you want to get started. CameraBag 2 lets you see all the possibilities at once: old-school instant film or modern high-contrast portrait, subtle color adjustment or complete artistic overhaul. Choose from side-by-side comparisons with the fullscreen Quicklooks, or get large, instant previews on mouseover; the emphasis is on creative exploration. Once you’ve chosen a filter, its components are all in the tray to tweak and adjust non-destructively with large, interactive sliders. The Remix slider in particular brings back the “happy accidents” of analog film, smoothly transitioning between infinite natural variations for each style.

After I loaded the software onto my laptop,(yes, you heard me, I said MY LAPTOP) I spent the next full hour playing around. Loading new photos and adding filters, colors, and curves, then removing one and adding another. It was so much fun. I love that you can choose to see YOUR photo with all your choices, and then have the ability to overlap adjustments and styles. For once, I can take the photos I take and make them look professional!

Oh, and I forgot, this software is super affordable, running only $29.00 or you can try it for 30 days for free!

Buy It – Click HERE to begin your free trial then use code NOW19 to get $10.00 off your order making it ONLY $19.00!

Win It –

THREE lucky Adventures of 8 Readers will win a CameraBag2 License

for Mac or PC!!!

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  1. Alexandria Cozzini says:

    I LOVE playing around with filters!

  2. Theresa J says:

    I think I would use the filters the most

  3. sandy weinstein
    Twitter: evietressa

    i am not very good at photos, etc, so this would be great for me to learn…like the different filters, changing the photos, editing,

  4. Karen lanois says:

    Easy layering of styles and adjustments. would love to have trial version

  5. Jennifer M Jennie Jenn Jenn says:

    I would love to use the curve editing features! I have so many good pictures that would be great if I had the editing tools.

  6. Amanda Macias Hernandez says:

    I like the quick looks and previews

  7. Sylvia Ortiz
    Twitter: foreverxoch99

    I would use the Filters of CameraBag feature the most.

  8. jennifer miescher says:

    I would use the filters – love the super lolo look

  9. The layering of styles

  10. Micah Pearson says:

    I like the quick looks feature. I like to play with pictures to see what an effect will do with a pic and this would make it easier to see the different looks at the same time.

  11. I would use the 100+ filters.

  12. Lauri Daniels says:

    Non-destructive editing is for me! I am new to this photo editing stuff.

  13. Sandy Hardman says:

    I would love to play with the built-in styles and filters!

  14. Laurel Klem says:

    The Freedom to Play, so I can easily learn what I like best and how to implement it properly.

  15. Paul T/Pauline T says:

    I like the full suite of photographic tools – Paul Tran ….. emscout9 at Hotmail dot com

  16. Amy Stotts says:

    I absolutely LOVE the Clark filter and would use that A LOT!

  17. It’s not really what I would use the most but what I appreciate the most at this point not having used it yet is the non destructive editing. I hate nothing more than losing an image while playing with editing on it.

  18. I will love the vintage simulations and the filters. I do Photoshop Elements, but I feel I am on a constant learning curve often when I do not want to take the time to learn.

  19. Samantha K says:

    I like the variety of filters.

  20. Amanda O says:

    I LOVE all of the filters!!!

  21. Quicklooks and previews for visual decision-making

  22. Jessica says:

    I think the 100+ built-in styles and filters and create and share your own sounds neat!

  23. Melissa Erwin says:

    The Random Remixed Filter command sounds awesome!

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