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HOT FREEEBIE from Post-it

Hot Freebie - CLICK THE BANNER ABOVE Like Post-it Notes and submit your idea to get a free sample. Limited to first 10,000 samples, so don't wait - go NOW!!! … [Read more...]

Keeping The Air Clean with a Fellowes Air Purifier

As you all know, Little Miss has allergy-induced asthma... which is kind of hard to explain. Basically, she doesn't HAVE asthma or "flare ups" caused by normal asthma-causing events, instead, when she gets allergies, all of her issues go right into a yucky cough, that sounds like she has been smoking for years. She has been to many doctors, who all say the same thing, that she is three-years-old, therefore is too young to complete a normal asthma … [Read more...]

Does Your Computer Run Like it Should?

Like many of you, I spend a lot of time on my computer. It’s my life so I use good anti-virus software and maintain a tight firewall. The problem is that we never know when some new virus or malware is going to sneak into our system so I was very pleased this week when a representative from Geeks Mobile USA called and offered to perform a remote check of my computer. Geeks Mobile is a full service computer services company that provides … [Read more...]

First Week of School Ups & Downs… How Should I Deal With Emotional Breakdowns?

This has been the first week of Kindergarten for Little Man. He has been in a school environment since he was two, so I wasn't really worried that he would have any issues adjusting, but he has. Not so much adjusting to the classroom, but has had issues adjusting to his new life as a full-time student. Since school began, I have noticed that Little Man has been very emotional, he has been quick to break-down in tears for no reason, quick to … [Read more...]

The Ups & Downs of Weightloss – When You Lose INCHES Not Pounds (#NSNation, #spon)

August was a CRAZY month for me. Between traveling and house guests I struggled to stay on track. I tried to continue with Nutrisystem, which is easy (just grabbing a meal or snack) but actually getting to the gym and continuing my cardio routine, just did not happen. So, when I got on my EatSmart Scale and saw that I was not losing anymore weight, instead I was fluctuating between having lost 27-29 pounds, I got very discouraged. I knew I wasn't … [Read more...]

HOT G!VE-it-AWAY! W!N a 50.00 Gas Card!!!

Thankfully it has been years since I have gotten into a car accident (knock on wood, right?) but last time I did, I remember I had a handy checklist from my insurance company on the steps that I needed to take. It helped a lot but now that I think about it, I have no clue where that step-list is or what the steps are that I would need to take, if GOD-Forbid I did get into an accident. So, when I heard about the new NAIC’s free WreckCheck app I … [Read more...]

Have Diabetes? Know Someone Who DOES? Get a FREEEE Wristband for Diabetes Awareness

CLICK HERE to join Quality Health and receive a Free* Wristband for Diabetes Awareness. Get Your Diabetes Awareness Wristband Click Here … [Read more...]

Earn with Mommytalk Survey’s & Start with 5.00 in YOUR Acct…

Earn cash rewards for sharing your opinion about baby products and services. Join now for free and get $5.00 cash in your account! Click Here Don't forget, I always recommend opening new survey and poll accounts with a separate email from your daily email, so you can keep all your $$$ making emails in one place :) … [Read more...]

The Kids LOVE Personalizing the Perfect Birthday Card

I love personalizing everything... just this morning, while cleaning out the game room, we came across Hubby's stack of personalized photo cards that he has received over the years from myself and the kids. He made the comment that he LOVES getting them and we took a few moments to look at each card and reminisce about the age of the children, where the photos were taken, and when he received each card. It was a nice moment between the two of … [Read more...]

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