#BlogHer12 Recap – Including #sweetSuite12 and More… Part 1

Wow, so this was my first year attending a Blogging Conference. Of course, I decided to attend the largest Blogging Conference so that I could JUMP right in… Okay, it was AMAZING!!! Really, amazing…

Because I attended so many private events and parties, as well as, the actual conference… and I don’t want to miss out on telling you about any of it, I had to split my BlogHer ’12 post into two posts. This is post ONE, including day one and two!

I will apologize now for all the photos, but I believe photos are the best way to show you how great of a time I had!

Day 1 – I left San Antonio REALLY, REALLY early! This was my first trip, by myself since my kids were born, so in six years. WOW, right? I was nervous, excited, scared, and happy all in one emotion. Between you and me, I did fight the tears back when kissing Hubby goodbye at the airport. Of course, with all the changes in airlines, I couldn’t get a direct flight from San Antonio to New York, so I had a nice layover. Problem was, that my layover was put to a stop by bad weather in NYC, tht caused my plane to be unable to take off, leaving us on the tarmac for an hour! NICE, right? Meanwhile, my roommate, Tiffany from Go Momma Coupons was living it up in NYC ūüôĀ

After a crazy day of flying, I finally arrived at our hotel to meet with my roommate, who by-the-way I had yet to meet in person, just so we could run out to go sight-seeing with some other Bloggers. My first impression of NYC was AWE! Everything was huge and so very busy. I immediately felt connected to the new Bloggers I met and we made our way to Times Square just to take a look before stopping for a salad and water. Remember, I am still on Nutrisystem and didn’t want to take a step back in my weight-loss.

We finally made it back to the hotel to freshen up before our first party, which was First Drink On Us, Hosted by our friends at MomCentral!

We took the Subway, which was an event of its own – kidding, it really was nothing, especially since I have ridden the METRO in DC, many times.

The event was held in a small and cozy area, with drinks and appetizers making the rounds. I was able to snag a few moments with each of the awesome brands, such as 3M, Zulily, and Scotch, to name a few, and shake some hands of PR Reps I had worked with in the past. We did not stay long, but walked away with many new business cards, Blogger cards, as well as a new Swag Bag full of goodies!

My Lovely Swag Bag from MomCentral

Of course, the whole time I made sure to flaunt my Finders Key Purse from my Sponsor, Isn’t This Clever… now, I made sure NOT to do it at any conference activities, but NYC is such a large place, the streets were perfect for talking up my sponsors!

Everyone loving the Finders Key Purse

Day two started very early, as my roommate had an early breakfast, when she returned we made our way a tea, hosted by Nukotoys to learn about, Animal Planet Wildlands, which is an awesome new app available on the iPad. (Now available in the Apple Stores, Walmart, Target, and Toys R Us!) It was great learning about how the App works and hearing what the future holds.

Tea Hosted by Nukotoys

Just when I thought the day couldn’t get any better – we found out we could grab our BlogHer ’12 Badge early, with no lines!!!

After sporting our BlogHer ’12 badge, we made our way to the Sheraton to a meet and greet with Iconix Brand Group, where we learned about companies such as Candies, London Fog, Sharper Image, and MORE… the food was amazing! I loved meeting everyone and walking away with some amazing SWAG!

After dragging our swag back to our room, I made my way to Bubba Gumps in Times Square to meet some amazing Bloggers who are part of the Nutrisystem Nation program that has helped me lose almost 30 pounds. I loved talking the ups and downs of Nutrisystem with  Jenna from Bucktown Bargains and Emily from the Clever Housewife! It was also nice getting some advice and tips from the amazing Meredith, from Nutrisystem! (Want to lose weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem? Join today by calling 1-888-853-4689 or by visiting http://www.nutrisystem.com/nsblog! )

The Nutrisystem Nation Bunch

with Jenna Urban – Bucktown Bargains

After a very fulfilling lunch, I made my way to meet my friends from one of my favorite Blogs,¬†SweepTight at the¬†tend/GlamMedia’s Ultimate Mom’s Night Out presented by Starbucks. Here I was given the gift of Pampering!!! I was beautified from my nails to my makeup… all the while, chatting with other Bloggers and the tend/GlamMedia Reps. It was super relaxing and so needed!

tend/GlamMedia’s Ultimate Mom’s Night Out presented by Starbucks

tend/GlamMedia’s Ultimate Mom’s Night Out presented by Starbucks

I left the¬†tend/GlamMedia’s¬†Ultimate Mom’s Night Out presented by¬†Starbucks¬†with amazing swag from the Bridgewater Candle Company, David Burke, Kai Fragrances, Lollia, Mommy’s Time Out, Philosophy, Revlon, Romi Belle, and of course,¬†Starbucks!

That evening I met with some other new Bloggers and we made our way to The Big Toy Book’s Sweet Suite Event! ¬†I had heard amazing things about this event and was super excited that I had been invited. I walked in and was instantly overwhelmed by the names I recognized and some I didn’t. I made my way from room to room, discussing upcoming toys with Reps and even had my chance to play, myself.

The Big Toy Book’s Sweet Suite Event

I even got a rooftop view on Times Square from the Viacom Building!!!

The event ended marvelously with so much swag, my shoulders hurt, including, ALEX toys, Hasbro, Hex Bug, Skylanders Giants, Pony Royale, and MORE… pssst – guess what, many of these brands have agreed to sponsor some amazing reviews and giveaways, so keep your eyes peeled!

Of course, there is no better way to end the night then having a few drinks with some new friends!

Now, this was only day TWO of the event! I am super excited about all the brands and PR Reps that I met. I am unsure of what I loved more, schmoozing with Bloggers I have e-known for some time, meeting brands I have worked with in the past, or meeting brands I hope to work with in the future. It was so much fun hearing how many people recognized Adventures of 8 that it really made me feel special.

Connecting with other Bloggers, had to be a huge highlight. Though BlogHer doesn’t allow us to hand out Sponsor Swag or information at the event, I found that cab rides and even the streets of NYC were the perfect locations to learn about other Blogger’s Sponsors and to of course give advice to other Moms, using my sponsor The Victoria Chart Company’s reward charts and to give other’s the piece of mind to not lose their keys with the help of the¬†Finders Key Purse¬†from my Sponsor,¬†Isn’t This Clever! Oh, and of course, it was nice carrying my laptop in style in the Laptop Case sponsored by our friends at Caseable!


STAY TUNED for DAY 3 & 4 including my thoughts on the actual BlogHer Convention!!!


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  1. Awesome recap!!! I am STILL not done with all of mine. SO MUCH FUN!!! One of the highlights was meeting and hanging out with you!

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