#BlogHer12 Update – A Great Night at #SweetSuite12

This year I had the opportunity to attend BlogHer ’12 in NYC! As it was my first time attending a conference I was super excited when I found I was invited to some amazing parties. One of those parties was the Sweet Suite Party, sponsored by The Big Toy Book! Woo Hoo! Now, I had heard about this event in particular and knew it would be amazing, so I was very excited.

I teamed up with a couple of Blogging budding to make our way to the event and when the doors opened, each of us Oooh’d and Ahhhh’d, our eyes wide, soaking in all the TOYS!

Now, what I loved about this event was the it was spread out, each toy company had their little area for you to stop by and speak to a rep. Since each of us had specific event times, it was not over-crowded and the flow was amazing. I was super impressed by not only the big names, I know, such as Lego and Kmart, but to see some of my favorites, like ALEX toys and cloud b! Plus, I was able to learn about some upcoming toys that I know that my kids will LOVE, such as nukotoys, Pony Royale, and Skylanders Giants, just to name a few.

Plus, it was a lot of fun seeing new games, such as the new Monopoly Game in action and seeing how it will work with the iPad!

The hands-on experience was also one-of-a-kind, with being able to try things first hand!

Once I made my way around the first room, I was able to make my way outside to enjoy the beautiful view and enjoy a nice refreshing drink!

then was able to choose three charms from CHARM IT! for Little Miss, which by the way, she has already put on and have yet to take off!

Oh, and I was able to connect with an Xbox Kinect Rep and found out that next month, they’re introducing 2-way TV experiences with Sesame Street and Nat Geo shows so I can finally trick my kids into learning while they watch their favorite TV shows!

All in all, the night was just amazing…I was sad that since I was the last group to go through that many of the Sponsors were closing up, but I was still able to make some nice contacts and walked away with an awesome Swag Bag, which my kids were happy to go through when I arrived home!

Little Miss thought the Pinypon was fun to play with!


Thank you to Adventures of 8’s Sponsors, for making my trip to NYC happen!!!

Isn’t This Clever (the home of the Finders Key Purse)


The Victoria Chart Company

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