Does Your Computer Run Like it Should?

Like many of you, I spend a lot of time on my computer. It’s my life so I use good anti-virus software and maintain a tight firewall. The problem is that we never know when some new virus or malware is going to sneak into our system so I was very pleased this week when a representative from Geeks Mobile USA called and offered to perform a remote check of my computer.

Geeks Mobile is a full service computer services company that provides computer repair and remote technical support for home users, small businesses and national companies. It’s like having an experienced IT professional at your beck and call. We missed connections for our first scheduled appointment and immediately rescheduled. I found them to be friendly, easy to talk to and knowledgeable.

On the second appointment, I received a call from John, their technician, who had me enter a web address to grant them permission to access my computer. After that simple task, John did all the work. I picked up my Kindle and caught up on some reading. In the mean-time, John proceeded to check for viruses, eliminated security risks, corrected registry problems and optimized performance. It was effortless on my part.

The technician performed a wide range of scans and checks on my system. The most problems were located in my system’s registry. When we surf from one internet site to another and add or remove software, we leave fragments in our registries that rob a system’s performance. John checked the registry and eliminated shared DLLs, file extensions that didn’t match any working software and defragged the system to correct existing values that were missing or invalid.

The technician also performed a broad based system cleaning. He cleaned the recent folder history and search folder history in addition to the clipboard and temp files directory. The check-up included a system tune-up that optimized items that I didn’t know existed such as the Simple Network Management Protocol Trap and the Network Access Protection Agent. It was an interesting experience.

Before allowing anyone access to my computer, I want assurance that the company is reputable. I found that many national companies rely on Geeks Mobile USA including Marriott, Dillard’s and Wendy’s. I also learned that Geeks Mobile uses American based, English speaking technicians with whom it is very easy to communicate.

Geeks Mobile USA can provide technical support to remotely remove viruses, malware, Trojan viruses and spyware. If you need computer help for your small business, please visit their small business support sister company All IT Supported.

Written by our Technical Writer, Father-in-Law, Roger

Disclaimer – this is a Sponsored post – all computer services were done for this review. All opinions are honest and our own. For full disclosures, click HERE

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