First Week of School Ups & Downs… How Should I Deal With Emotional Breakdowns?

This has been the first week of Kindergarten for Little Man. He has been in a school environment since he was two, so I wasn’t really worried that he would have any issues adjusting, but he has. Not so much adjusting to the classroom, but has had issues adjusting to his new life as a full-time student.

Since school began, I have noticed that Little Man has been very emotional, he has been quick to break-down in tears for no reason, quick to yell at his sisters, and quick to get snippy with me.

Now, this is my first experience with this change in him and I am assuming it has to do with the stress of his new schedule.

You see, he is used to sleeping until 8-9 am, getting up, having breakfast with his sisters, then going on with his day. Even with his old class schedule, he only went to class two-days-a-week and was home by 2:15. Now he is gone every day, from 7:30AM- 3:00PM with the realization that while he has been at school, life goes on here at home and I really don’t think he likes that idea.

Between you and I, I think he misses us… misses doing things with us… and misses the routine he is used to.

This all being said, I am still trying to figure out how to deal with the whole situation. I don’t want to allow his emotional breakdowns and fits, because I don’t want them to escalate, but what do I do to stop them??

I know many of you have been through this before, so any advice would be greatly appreciated… thanks in advance…

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