G!VE-it-AWAY – Look HOT This Season by W!NN!NG a Set of Jamberry Nails

Last week I was at an event  when a nail tech noticed my toes; she shrieked with joy and pointed asking me who painted them. I smiled and explained that my piggies were not actually painted, that they were Jamberry Nails! She looked confused so I went further to explain about the Jamberry Nails process, which I happened to have been reviewing at the time. I explained all about them!

Jamberry Nails was started by three sisters who wanted salon quality nails available at home at an affordable price. They started their business as an online retailer in 2010, and then because the business was so successful, they moved to a Direct Selling plan in 2011.

Jamberry Nails are really cool; they are nail shields that are not polish-based like the ones you find in the stores; instead, they are vinyl based! This means that the nails do not chip, fade or smudge like the polish based ones. They are applied through heat (hair dryer) and pressure to form a water-tight seal on your nail. If applied correctly, they last 1-3 weeks on fingers and 5 weeks on toes, depending on how fast your nails grow.

Here is the kit that was sent to me.

Now, as you know, I chose to apply the Jamberry Nails to my toes and I will be honest; it was not so easy! It took some time and patience, but by the last couple of piggies, I had the process down! You see, each sheet comes with 18 shields, in 10 different sizes, that can be cut for multiple uses. Each sheet gets two to three applications, depending on the length of your nails, and the shields do no dry out when opened like polish based ones do.

Once you choose the correct sized shield for each nail, you warm the nail shield with the heat from a hairdryer, until they are pliable. From there, you apply them to your nails, cut and file to shape, and continue heating and pressing them until they are snug. As I said, the process did take some time, but I am sure that if I did it again, I would be much more proficient at it.

Check out my Piggies 🙂

The nails came out awesome! The very night I applied them, I began getting compliments everywhere I went, even at the FroYo stand down the street. I love that I was able to swim, go to the beach, shower, take baths, and even soak my worn-out feet after a long day, without any worries about my nails chipping or fading. I am super-impressed. It has been about three weeks and my nails still look amazing. I have even trimmed and filed them down a bit, as my nails have grown and have had no problems; they still look GREAT! Plus, with over 260 designs available, you are sure to find a great design for whatever your mood may be!

My nails survived numerous bubble baths

My cute nails rocked at the swimming pool!

Oh, and you know how I LOVE companies that give back? Well, Jamberry Nails is committed to charity. You can purchase nail shields for Autism Awareness, Breast Cancer Awareness and the Pay It Forward Foundation. When these shields are purchased, a $2 donation goes to the Autism Society, Pay It Forward Foundation and the American Cancer Society. Right now, when the Pay It Forward Foundation shields are purchased, you will also receive Pay It Forward Wristband. Unfortunately, the Pay It Forward Foundation shields will be retiring, but they will be adding the Make A Wish Foundation September 1.

So, now you are wondering how much they are and how to get them, right? Well, since each sheet gets 2-3 applications, it costs only $5-7.50 for a manicure or pedicure. With the current Buy 3 Get 1 FREE promotion you pay $2.80- 3.75 per application! This is MUCH less than a manicure and lasts much longer! To place your order, you would just CLICK HERE to order directly from Jamberry Nails Independent Consultant, Angela and they would be delivered right to your door.

If you want to earn FREE Jamberry Nails, CLICK HERE to contact Angela and set up an online party so that your friends can shop and you can earn FREEBIES!

Join Angela

Independent Jamberry Consultant, Angela would be happy to have you join her Jamberry team and begin earning money for yourself! Independent Consultants receive 30% commission on their sales with the ability to earn up to 5% additional each month in free product and supply bonuses, depending on their monthly sales. There are also bonuses that can be earned by sharing the opportunity with others and building a team of your own consultants. Your bonuses earned off your team can be anywhere from 3-19% of your team’s sales, depending on what level you are. Jamberry Nails is still new to the Direct Selling model. As of July 16, 2012, there are only approximately 5000 representatives nationwide, so this is a ground-floor opportunity. You can join online by CLICKING HERE!

The start-up kit includes the following:

50 Catalogs
50 Brochures
100 order forms
Rubber Cuticle Pusher
100 Orange Sticks
5 Crystal Files
Hair dryer
Consultant Guide
3 Buffers
3 Sets of Scissors
50 Sample cards/Business Cards
1 Sheet of Nails in the Kit
Credit to order 3 sheets of nails of your choosing.
3 months of use on your personal website. ($10 per month after first three months)

Win It – A Jamberry Nails Giveaway 

   Independent Jamberry Nails Consultant, Angela has been kind enough to offer one Adventures of 8 Reader a set of Jamberry Nails!

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  1. Penny B W says:

    I love City Plaid!

  2. Tara Yeater says:

    Love so many I’m almost tempted to become a consultant.

  3. Dawn Starr-Freeman says:

    I love the Vibrant Pinwheel.

  4. I like the aloha flower

  5. Terri Quick says:

    I love the Paw Prints. I’m a HUGE dog lover 🙂

  6. Kemberley Crosswhite says:

    i like the blue sparkles 🙂

  7. Leah Shumack says:

    I love the dark red floral!

  8. Alexia Miller says:

    the colorful leopard are awesome!

  9. i like the aqua modern diamond design

  10. ronda peyton says:

    metallic Whimsical swirl is a fave

  11. Jaclyn Reynolds says:

    Dark green sparkle is my favorite!!

  12. Melinda Dartmann says:

    I love the burgundy floral

  13. Laurie Adams
    Twitter: AdamsFmReviews

    I like/love the orange and black horizontal stripe Jamberry Nails. Thank you.

  14. Julie Keyworth says:

    I like the Mulberry Flower on white and the White Skulls on black. 🙂

  15. I love the Black and Silver fishnet!

  16. love the southwestern diamond!

  17. I like alot of them but if I was buying them right now I would pick Turquoise Polka!!

  18. Rachel Robertson
    Twitter: tamegypsy

    They are all so cute! I’ think I’d pick Splatter Flower or Spring Flower 🙂

  19. Alana Vester says:

    I LOVE the Pay It Forward nail shields!!

  20. I love any of the argyle styles. Thanks for the chance.

  21. katherine d says:

    love the Black Fleur de lis Lace

  22. CANDACE ELLIS says:

    I love the Blue and Green check

    Candace Ellis

  23. Katie Bourke says:

    There are so many designs! I like the Colorful Modern Flower the best.

  24. Sharon Kelly says:

    I like the sparkles and the french tip.

  25. Terri Betz
    Twitter: BetzMyboyblue11

    I love the flip flops! They are all so cute! 🙂
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  26. Holly Smith says:

    I would definately have to say the burgandy floral are dashing!

  27. Oh my…I love them all!! Either the Aloha flower or the Peacock.

  28. I would love to have the Silver Floral on Clear.

  29. Katherine says:

    I like the Colorful Stars

  30. gold butterflies.. but it was hard to choose I liked so many

  31. Julie Lynn Bickham says:

    I like the metallic Whimsical swirl.

  32. Stephanie Dobbins says:

    I Love them all! But the Silver Floral on Clear is my favorite!!

  33. Carrie
    Twitter: CroutonsBlog

    I like the black floral!

  34. Jessica Snow says:

    I love them all!! I really like the Decorative Silver & White.

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway! =)

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