G!VE-it-AWAY – W!N The Essential Pretend Play Makeup Set from Little Cosmetics

Little Miss LOVES watching me put on makeup. I allow her to use my blush brush over her face and she just smiles from ear to ear. A while ago, we got her a child’s “makeup” set and boy did it get messy, plus, her sensitive skin did not react nicely to the chemicals in the makeup. I had all but given up when Little Cosmetics contacted me to review their pretend makeup.

Little Cosmetics was created by a mother and school teacher.

“As a mother of a toddler girl, I know firsthand how much little girls love to play with make-up. My daughter would love to play with my eye shadows and powders, but it would always end up in a big mess. And I would also worry about the effects of having toxins absorbed into her skin. So I started shopping around for pretend make-up. I found two types of pretend make-up on the market: hard, plastic, unrealistic looking pretend makeup, or play make-up that made just as much mess as my own make-up! So I decided to create play make-up and Little Cosmetics was born.

If your daughter is anything like mine, she won’t easily be fooled by pretend make-up. So I spent a lot of time creating products that look and feel realistic. I’ve seen girls as old as nine enjoy Little Cosmetics, and I’ve seen adults fooled into thinking Little Cosmetics is real make-up. I hope your little girl enjoys Little Cosmetics as much as mine.”

We received the Essential Pretend Makeup Kit and as soon as Little Miss saw it, her eyes lit up.

The Essential Set – Little Cosmetics Pretend Play Makeup

The Set includes:

– One Pressed Powder Compact*
– One Iridescent Lip Gloss**
– One Pink Blush Compact
– One Glitter Shadow Pot
– One Eye Shadow Palette
– Makeup Brush Set
– One Pink Organza Carrying Bag

The adorable kit arrived in a pretty pink bag, perfect for my Princess. Because it was late at night when I opened my package, Little Miss was disappointed I would not allow her to jump right in. But of course, she did not forget; since the very next morning she came running into to ask if we could put our makeup on together.

This is how the set arrived, isn’t it so cute?

I sat her on our vanity and stood very close to her. She opened her makeup bag and examined each piece. “Look, Mama, it is just like yours!” she said to me over and over again. It was so adorable to watch as she mimicked me as I applied blush to my face and shadow to my eyes. She watched very closely to see how to use each item and was thrilled to do so.

The amazing thing about Little Cosmetics is that everything REALLY does look real, nothing was over looked. From the case the shadows are in, to the feel of the pressed powder, everything is right on! But, as much as it looks and feels real, I love that it doesn’t show up on the skin or rub off, making it safe for Little Miss to use. Plus, it is non-toxic.

You know, I was excited to review this set because I knew Little Miss would love it, but now that we have I am OVERJOYED with how amazing it really is. Plus, at only $20.00 it is a very affordable gift for the little girl in your life and would even make amazing present for her friends.

To see everything that Little Cosmetics has to offer, CLICK HERE!

Win It – a Little Cosmetics Giveaway

I am very excited that one Adventures of 8 Reader will WIN the same Essential Pretend Makeup Kit that we received.

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  1. The Makeup Brush Set looks very nice!

  2. Annette Matthews says:

    The ultimate set

  3. I like the Exclusive set.

  4. Dawn Sterner says:

    My daughter would LOVE this!! She’s always getting into my make-up!

  5. Paige Kelley says:

    The Ultimate Set.. love all the makeup ideas. Looks like Mommy’s makeup so any little girl would be so excited!

  6. The ultimate set

  7. I like the essential set…and the gift cards. This wold be awesome!!!

  8. Tammy
    Twitter: oopscdazee

    The Ultimate Set – Little Cosmetics Pretend Play Makeup

  9. I like the lip gloss, my 2 year old loves makeup and thinks that lipstick is the greatest thing ever.

  10. sarah gaines says:

    the ultimate set definitely!!!

  11. Deanne Simonson says:

    Our daughter would LOVE the compact. Thank you for the chance.

  12. Laurie Adams
    Twitter: AdamsFmReviews

    My Daughters would love to share The Ultimate Set! Thank you.

  13. Melinda Dartmann says:

    The Exclusive Set

  14. Glenna F
    Twitter: gfaccenetti

    I like this set http://www.etsy.com/listing/95650600/the-ultimate-set-little-cosmetics

  15. Devon Franco says:

    I’d love the The Ultimate Set for my daughter 🙂

  16. Stephanie Hirsch says:

    My favorite is the Ultimate set!

  17. My favorite is The Ultimate Set – Little Cosmetics Pretend Play Makeup

  18. Nancy L. Bowen
    Twitter: ClumsyNanny

    Would love to win this for ourgranddaughter (she lives with us); she is a “girly girl” and would enjoy this very much. I would start with the Essentials set and expand to soem of the other sets, I am su

  19. Nancy L. Bowen
    Twitter: ClumsyNanny

    I would love to win this for my granddaughter who lives with us! She is a “girly” girl (age 4) and always wants to put on lipstick, perfume, etc. I think my favorite would be the lip gloss (lipstick).

  20. SONIKA VERMA says:

    I love the essential set…the blush is too gud…my lil one will love it!

  21. Alexia Miller says:

    the ultimate set would be the ultimate!

  22. I Love the eye shadows! Actually the whole thing is adorable!

  23. Sandy VanHoey says:

    I like The Ultimate Set – Little Cosmetics Pretend Play Makeup

  24. Amber Nara says:

    http://www.etsy.com/listing/95650600/the-ultimate-set-little-cosmetics…I would also keep this for myself as I have said before…lol This is the one kind of make-up the kids would stay out of 😉 I would give to my daughter

  25. Danielle
    Twitter: danimama3

    The ultimate set looks awesome !!

  26. Paula Lee says:

    Love the http://www.etsy.com/listing/95650600/the-ultimate-set-little-cosmetics.

  27. Scarlett Randolph
    Twitter: shutchinson0003

    Pink Glitter Shadow Pot is really cute 🙂 my girls love anything in pink!

  28. The Eye Shadow Palette is my fav.

  29. The Eye Shadow Palette is my favorite

  30. Angie Gatto says:

    My granddaughters would love the compact. They love playing dress-up.

  31. Becky Kimani says:


    My daughter would love any of the Little Cosmetic products, but I think she will especially like this!

  32. my daughter would love the compact!

  33. kaye lake says:

    The copact is so cute!!!!

  34. Sabrina Belling says:

    The brushes are my fave! My little girl would love them!!

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