The Kids LOVE Personalizing the Perfect Birthday Card

I love personalizing everything… just this morning, while cleaning out the game room, we came across Hubby’s stack of personalized photo cards that he has received over the years from myself and the kids. He made the comment that he LOVES getting them and we took a few moments to look at each card and reminisce about the age of the children, where the photos were taken, and when he received each card. It was a nice moment between the two of us.

Now, with my Mother-in-Law’s birthday right around the corner, I am in the process of ordering a personalized birthday card for her. Since she is just like me in that she loves receiving personalized items, I am super excited to choose a great card from the online site, Treat.

Treat Birthday Card Features:

1.       Add gift cards from top retailers: iTunes, Amazon, Starbucks, Target, Pottery Barn, Home Depot and more.

2.       Schedule delivery in advance and send the card directly to the recipient

3.       Setup reminders and never miss an important date.

•       Import birthdays from Facebook

•       Sign up for email reminders

•       Use the Treat calendar

Here is the card we ordered for her for last Mother’s Day –

With so many cards to choose from, the choice is never easy, so this year I asked the kids to sit with me and help me choose which card they wanted to get for her. After having me read about ten cards from Treat’s website, they finally chose one.

The next part was the fun part; choosing photos. The kids love seeing photos of themselves, so they had no issues looking at all the photos in the last couple of months to choose the perfect ones of each of them with their Grandma.

We then placed the photos in the card and voila, our card was ready.  With Treat you have the option of having the card mailed directly to the recipient, but since my Mother-in-Law lives with us, I just had it mailed to our home, so the kids could give her the card themselves.

Here is the card they chose – what do you think?


Disclosure – This post was Sponsored by Treat. All opinions are honest and our own.

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