The Ups & Downs of Weightloss – When You Lose INCHES Not Pounds (#NSNation, #spon)

August was a CRAZY month for me. Between traveling and house guests I struggled to stay on track. I tried to continue with Nutrisystem, which is easy (just grabbing a meal or snack) but actually getting to the gym and continuing my cardio routine, just did not happen. So, when I got on my EatSmart Scale and saw that I was not losing anymore weight, instead I was fluctuating between having lost 27-29 pounds, I got very discouraged. I knew I wasn’t eating anything unhealthy and though I wasn’t doing as much to get my heart-rate up, I couldn’t understand what was happening.

So, this past week, I upped my cardio… I made sure to walk to pick Little Man up from school each day and have attended two step work-out courses, as well as, hitting the weights a bit. I have continued with my Nutrisystem meals and snacks and yet I still haven’t lost. Finally Hubby set me straight, reminding me that though I may not be losing POUNDS, that I am still losing inches. He advised that I need to stop watching the scale and just go by how my clothes fit.

I thought about his words and realized he was kind of right. My size 12’s are fitting beautifully and feeling more lose each day and my shirts and even bra’s seem to be feeling loose, ha, ha, ha! So, I grabbed my handy-dandy tape measure and sure enough, I am still losing inches.

Date: 07/26/2012 03:30
Upper Arms: 11.0
Chest: 41.0
Waist: 37.5
Hips: 41.0
Thighs: 22.0


Date: 08/30/2012 09:30
Upper Arms: 11.0
Chest: 40.5
Waist: 36.0
Hips: 40.5
Thighs: 21.0

In one month, though my weight has fluctuating between losing 27-29 pounds, I have lost a full 1.5 inches off my waist and half an inch from my chest and hips; no wonder everything is fitting so well, right?

Ignore the no makeup, as I am on my way to the gym, LOL

Well… this just goes to show that it is not always about WEIGHT, though I am still working hard to get to my goal of losing 40 pounds by the end of September and 50 pounds by Halloween.

What YOU can do to help us stay on track:

Hubby, my Mother-in-Law and I are all officially a part of the Nutrisystem Nation Blogging Program! Here is what you can do to help – I am a WIMP, I admit it… Hubby, is not… when he puts his mind to something he becomes obsessed! Meanwhile, Mother-in-Law is new on the program, so she needs as much support as possible.

So, we can all use your help! I will be writing weekly and monthly posts with any and all updates… I would appreciate if YOU could help me by reading and commenting on these posts with words of wisdom, advice, and pats on the back! It will help me, knowing that y’all are joining us in this journey…

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