Thinking of Attending Blissdom or BlogHer ’13??? Pre-Blogging Conference Tips…

I can’t believe that I have survived my first Blogging Conference! It was so amazing and I am very eager to tell you all about it and plan to do so in a number of posts.  This post will be tips PRE-BlogHer Conference…

Decide if you want to attend and WHY you want to attend! This is a biggie… I know you see all the posts from Bloggers who have attended and it kind of makes you want to go. Are you a serious Blogger who wants to connect with more brands, learn about new and upcoming products, attend some classes to learn tips and tricks to Blogging, or would you like to MEET other Bloggers? If you have answered yes to any of these questions you have your answer. Now, if you answered yes to the tips and tricks part, then you will want to purchase a full conference pass; if you are interested in meeting more brands, learning about new products, and meeting other Bloggers, you may want to save your money and just purchase the EXPO/Parties pass.

Schedule EARLY – okay, this is a big one to save you time and money. If you plan to attend BlogHer or any other conference you need to plan early. This includes purchasing your ticket ASAP to get the best price. (Note, you can transfer your BlogHer ticket to another Blogger up until a specific date before the conference, so if something happens and you can’t attend, you can sell your ticket to get your money back!) So, that all being said, save yourself the hassle and buy your ticket immediately. Once you get your ticket, I also recommend booking your room at the hotel recommend. This will ensure the best price and location, since I guarantee the hotel will book up FAST! We stayed at the same Hotel as the conference and it was amazing to be able to run down to the Expo in between events.

Join Conference Groups on Facebook – this was something that was really cool! Just search Facebook for groups or ask around. Through the group not only did I find a roommate, I was able to sign up for some awesome parties, and was able to connect with great people. Also, during the conference, the Facebook Group seemed to be the place we posted asking if anyone wanted a walking or cab buddy.

Look for Sponsorship – now this is something not everyone agrees with. Here is the thing that you need to think about. Number one: some conferences, such as BlogHer frown upon handing out swag… so it is not something you can do. Number two: make sure you are getting a sponsor and NOT becoming a brand embassador. This is a bit confusing. You see, if you are REPRESENTING or a PART of the company that is sponsoring you, you have to buy a Company Rate Ticket. Here is what BlogHer Says “Companies and/or organizations purchasing tickets for bloggers must pay the Company Rate for such tickets.” Now…. here is what you can do. Offer companies advertising in return for sponsorship. I offered my sponsor advertising in the form of button and blog post advertising, as well as, shouts in every post, tweet, or FB post I make about BlogHer!

More about Sponsorship – here are my tips on Sponsorship – 

  1. make an itemized list of costs so that you know what you need.
  2. offer tiers for companies to purchase… think about it, even $100 towards your trip is $100 you don’t have to spend.
  3. make a post on your blog and link to it in your email signature and place a “looking for Sponsors” button on your blog.
  4. I ask each company I work with to fill out a questionnaire at the end of our partnership. In this questionnaire I ask if they would be interested in learning more about sponsoring Adventures of 8, with sponsorship packages starting at only $100.00. That is how I got my sponsors; they clicked yes and I contacted them with more information!!!! You won’t know unless you ask, right???
  5. Think about PRODUCT Sponsors, as well! I know some Bloggers were able to have all of their clothing sponsored… and we were able to have the wonderful people at Caseablesponsor a laptop bag for us. (Use discount code CSBL2012 to receive 20% off your order today.)

    Laptop Bag Sponsored by Caseable (

Find a Roommate – Many people chose to have a room with two to four Bloggers. I had one roommate and that worked really well, I couldn’t imagine having four to the room, but it is your call!

Plan to Arrive the Day Before – this was something my roomie recommended and I am so happy that she did. By arriving early not only did I not feel rushed, I was able to attend a couple pre-parties and I was able to get my Conference Pass early!!!

Apply for Parties – remember above where I recommended joining some Conference Groups? Well, in that group many people post things like, “fill out this form if you are interesting in attending a party sponsored by Blah Blah!” This is a great opportunity to connect with many new brands and Bloggers.

RSVP ASAP – I can not say this enough, if you get an invite to a party and it asks you to RSVP, do so immediately. Here is what happened with BlogHer there were 4500 Bloggers attending and each party only allowed 100-500 Bloggers, so the faster you RSVP the more you ensure your spot and the more SWAG you will get!

Well, I hope these tips help you if you plan to attend any conferences. According to BlogHer, BlogHer ’13 will take place on July 25 – 27th at McCormick Place and theSheraton Chicago, and I promise you that Adventures of 8 will be there!!!


Thank you to Adventures of 8’s Sponsors

Isn’t This Clever (the home of the Finders Key Purse)


The Victoria Chart Company

for Sponsoring us to BlogHer ’12!!!

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  1. Thanks so much for the tips! I have never attended a conference, but I’m thinking of doing so.

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