HOT G!VE-it-AWAY – Keep all your LO’s Sports Memories in one place by W!NNING a Sports Memory Book from momAgenda

I always believed I was an insanely good record keeper, at the time of big events I just assumed I would always remember each detail; but I never do. After Little Man was born I filled out his 1st Year Book every month, highlighting the important dates and taping photos into the book. Then when Little Miss arrived I did the same with her. Unfortunately, I did not with poor Baby Miss, each month I thought to myself, I need to go write down her highlights in her book and each month I procrastinated thinking I would do it the next month; problem is that by the next month, I had forgotten the little details. By month four I stopped procrastinating and made a BIG point to always take the time. So, when our friends at momAgenda contacted me about reviewing their Sports Years Memory Book, I jumped at the chance, knowing that this is something I already needed, yet never thought of.

MomAgenda is a wonderful online store offering everything a mom could need to keep her busy life organized. At momAgenda you can find Day Planners, Home Organizers, Journals and Pads, and even a momAgenda iPad App.

My very cool book arrived and I immediately showed it to Mother-in-Law and Hubby who both were ecstatic telling me what a wonderful idea this was. I then went to work “tracking down” Little Mans sports photos from the previous years. THIS IS WHY I NEEDED THIS BOOK, ha, ha, ha! I found one photo of Little Man from his first year of Flag Football from 2010 in Hubby’s pile of papers in his dresser, yet couldn’t find his “team” photo. I then found the photos from his first year of soccer in 2011, but not his second. I was so heart-broken, but went to work putting what I did have in the book.

What I love about this book is how detailed each sports entry is. Each page is actually a pocket for photos and memorabilia, on the front of the pocket page is a spot for the following:

  • Season
  • Year
  • Sport
  • Photo
  • Team Name
  • Coach
  • Number
  • Position
  • Nickname
  • Age
  • Height & Weight

Then when you flip the pocket page over, you will find space on the back where you can fill out the following:

  • Teammates
  • Highlights
  • Special Awards or Wins
  • Tournaments
  • Team Record

Now, being as Little Man began his sports years in 2010, you would think I would remember everything, but no, I don’t!!! I had to look up his coach’s name in my files and had to look for his team jersey to see his team number, ha, ha, ha. This is why this book is so important; as it makes it possible to write down all the important information to be kept in one place, so that when Little Man is older, he can look through it and read about it all.

Folks, really, if you have a little one who participates in sports, you need to get this book. You can use it from beginner sports through his or her varsity years and at only $32.00 it is very affordable and so worth every penny. Don’t do what I did and wait until you forget the details, go get yours now and make your child’s sports memories last forever.

Buy It – CLICK HERE to see all that momAgenda has to offer.

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