G!ve-it-away!!! W!N a Bottle of Save My Feet Blister Elixir

It is my favorite season; boot season, which means that normally I would be walking funny for a few days as my feet adjust to their new surroundings. You know what I mean; when you put on those favorite pair of boots only to realize that they rub in all these new places and by evening time, you have blisters! Well, that is where this awesome product called Save My Feet Blister Elixir comes into play.

Save My Feet was developed by a runner and self-proclaimed shoe diva. While training for a marathon, she was introduced to a product that prevented blisters, but wasn’t exactly an upscale product that stylish women would be attracted to.  This inspired her to develop Save My Feet Blister Elixir, which is now owned and distributed by Kilee Distributing and is available in hundreds of stores and boutiques nationwide.

I received my package and made note that the bottle was super-cute and would be perfect as a stocking stuffer or as a teacher-gift! Now between you and me, this sounds like a great product, but I was unsure if it would really work. So, I went through my closet to find my favorite fall boots that tend to give me blisters the first couple of times that I wear them.

I then rubbed my feet down with just a little bit (about a dime-size amount) of the Save My Feet Blister Elixir. I then let my feet air out a bit as I applied my makeup and then put on my socks and boots. Note, this was about 9:30 am!

Nice boots, right???

By lunch, a quick realization crossed my mind that though my feet were sore from wearing heeled boots, yet they were not in any real pain.

That evening when I finally changed into my relaxing clothes, which happened to be about 7 pm, I examined my feet only to find not a single blister. Yes, they were a bit red in some places, where the boots rubbed, but there were no opened blisters. YAY!

No Blisters!!!

So, I have to say that I have been won over. Even my sandals that tend to rub me wrong ‘that time of the month’ when I am a bit swollen, did no damage, thanks to the Save My Feet Blister Elixir. Plus, I was very impressed that the creamy elixir did not seem to leave any residue in my boots or sandals.

Love these sandals!!!


You can see the lines of where the sandals normally leave blisters… but there were none.

All in all, this product is a keeper and of course I am racking my brain thinking of all the friends and family who could use it… aka, my nurse sister-in-law, my diabetic Mother-in-Law, and on and on…

So, this holiday season, why not give the gift of soft feet to someone you love, by adding a bottle of Save My Feet Blister Elixir to their stocking.

Be sure to use coupon code ‘novsmf’ to receive 20% off all purchases over $19.95

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  1. the only shoes i have right now tennis shoes

  2. CATHY TRUMAN says:

    My brown boots that I love but they
    give me blisters.

  3. tracy webb says:

    A pair of red sexy high heels.

  4. Christina says:

    boots and my ballet flats, my heels are always sensitive to blisters, so I where flip flops all the time and since I live in FL I can do that all year long, I miss my boots and ballet flats

  5. the boots, love them but hurt my feet….

  6. It will help me wear my wedge sandals. 🙂

  7. cup cake a dn may be samll cake

  8. Kristy Bodle says:

    I have a bunch of shoes that give me blisters. I would say my brown clogs. I really like to win this.

  9. Lauraya Duarte says:

    I have these hott Guess gold glitter with a cheetah heels pair of high heels that I can not even wear because they hurt so bad. would live to see if this product changes that

  10. KAYE LAKE says:


  11. Lauren Shuck says:

    This would help me wear my favorite pair of HIGH leather boots from London. I haven’t worn them in years…

  12. jessica hager
    Twitter: jessicahager

    Cupcakes and cookies.

  13. Cupcakes, apples, and graham crackers!

  14. Trisha Scott says:

    cupcakes, strawberrys

  15. Cookies 🙂

  16. Pretzels,crackers,chips,apples

  17. Jennifer M. says:


  18. would like to try frosting on my gingersnaps

  19. Brownies

  20. Glenna F
    Twitter: gfaccenetti

    On cookies.

  21. pretzels

  22. I would put it on pretzels!

  23. jennifer wexler says:

    i would put it on crackers

  24. Anne Loyd says:


  25. cupcakes

  26. Julie Lynn Bickham says:


  27. cupcakes

  28. Apples!

  29. Alisha AO says:

    Definetley my 5inch light brown knee high boots, which kill my feet and give me blisters on the back of my heel and my big and little toe!

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