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Hot dealz – 50 Percentz off at THE LIMITED

  50% Off Take 50% off regular priced items at The Limited with code TREAT50. Ends 10/31/12. … [Read more...]

Halloween Memories…why don’t kids parade in schools anymore?

You know, I have such fond memories of Halloween. I really enjoyed dressing up on Halloween day to attend school. I remember getting so excited to see what my teachers and friends would be wearing. We would all jump for joy upon greeting eachother. Then the morning would be filled with playing fun Halloween games, puzzles, and word searches. Within no time, we made our way to line up to parade the neighborhood around our Elementary School. My … [Read more...]

Bellini Facebook Page 2

Bellini Facebook Page 2 Once you have finished LIKING the pages above, feel free to comment below - then hit the back button to continue the giveaway, or CLICK HERE to continue entering!!! … [Read more...]

Bloggers – Freee Event Sign Up

Have A Keurig Holiday Event Hosted by Mom Powered Media and Iowa Mom Prizes: Keurig Platinum Series Quiet Brewer + K-Cups {4 prize packages = 1 a week} Event dates: 11/2-11/9 and 11/9-11/16 and 11/16-11/23 and 11/23-11/30 Free Blog Event! Sign-up here, BLOGGERS WANTED … [Read more...]

Exclusive Coach Invite ONLY Dealz

There is a NEW COACH Sale starting tomorrow and the ONLY way in is through an exclusive email invite !!! Email me now at Adventuresof8(at)yahoo(dot)com if you would like an invite... … [Read more...]

G!ve-it-away!!! W!N a Bottle of Save My Feet Blister Elixir

It is my favorite season; boot season, which means that normally I would be walking funny for a few days as my feet adjust to their new surroundings. You know what I mean; when you put on those favorite pair of boots only to realize that they rub in all these new places and by evening time, you have blisters! Well, that is where this awesome product called Save My Feet Blister Elixir comes into play. Save My Feet was developed by a runner and … [Read more...]

Best TV Shows Premiering this Fall (Guest Post)

The 2012 fall television season is underway and the critics have spoken. Gathering input from all over the web, with great information from and, this list provides a guide to the best TV shows premiering this fall. All of the networks have rolled out new dramas, and if you’ve missed the first few shows, get caught up with the on-demand feature from cable services like Comcast Xfinity, or by finding the episodes … [Read more...]

Finding the perfect holiday gift for out-of-town recipients

I have a big family and we all tend to go overboard at the holidays. I LOVE shopping and searching and finding the perfect gifts for family and friends.  It is such a high to walk into the store and load up my basket with gifts that I know my loved ones will enjoy. I find that it is really easy shopping for some people who I know really well, such as Hubby and my best friend, but other people are not so easy to shop for. It is hard to find the … [Read more...]

Holidays are coming, what are some of YOUR staying healthy tips? (#NSNation, #spon)

As the holidays approach my mind is filled with thoughts of eating. I know, we all go through it; we see those magazines with the yummy recipes and think, maybe I will step away from the healthy eating just for the holidays. Then the new year begins and we have all gained a good ten pounds and we make up excuses on why it is okay. Well, this year I will not let that be okay. Instead, what I am doing is looking for Healthier recipes. This year … [Read more...]

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