SleepBuddy G!ve-it-Away!!! Are YOU ready for a full night’s sleep? W!N the Complete SleepBuddy System

The other night my Mother-in-Law babysat the kiddos so that Hubby and I could have a date night. When I returned home she said, “You could have told me about the night light.” I was confused and asked her which light she was referring to and then it hit me that she was talking about the SleepBuddy Light System, which looks like a night light. I laughed and explained that the SleepBuddy is a sleep system to help keep the girls in bed through the night and she said that the girls came running out of their room about 8:30 telling HER that it was time that they went to sleep since their light was on, ha, ha, ha!

This is such a cool system as it is more than just a night light. It starts when you receive a gift-wrapped box in the mail. You give the box to your child to open and when they do, they will find their SleepBuddy, a colorful reading book, reward chart, and stickers.

Now, I know you are thinking to yourself, what exactly is a SleepBuddy? The SleepBuddy was created by a former teacher and mother of 5 and is the only complete sleep system for babies and toddlers. In simple terms it is a light that comes on and stays on the whole time a child sleeps, kind of like a nightlight, but it is set to a timer to stay on all night and through nap time, then turns off at the time you would like the child to get up.

Little Miss was super excited to open her box and was even more excited to find out what exactly it was.

The FULL SleepBuddy System

We began the system with Hubby sitting and reading the book, “A Bedtime Surprise” to the girls while I set up the SleepBuddy in their room. It was very simple to set the current time, as well as the “sleep” and “wake” times. We then brought the girls into their rooms and explained about the SleepBuddy.

Watch this short video clip to see their reactions –

The first week though they understood the idea of the SleepBuddy, they didn’t really get it. You see, I was struggling with two issues, one was getting the girls to GO to sleep and the second was getting the girls to STAY in their beds. Week one was still filled with long bedtimes and sleepless nights of taking one or the other back to their bed. Each time I would explain over and over that their SleepBuddy was still on and therefore, they should be in bed.

Here is the SleepBuddy Light before it is set to turn on.

Here is the SleepBuddy as it is glowing

Finally about a week or so later Little Miss came in our room after staying in her bed all night. She was smiling and ranting and raving telling me to come to her room. She then pointed to her SleepBuddy and said, “Look, the light is out, we can get up!”

I was so happy I could have jumped for joy, but instead I smiled and gave her a hug and told her that she was exactly right, that since the light was out, that she could get up.

Since that date, both girls get very excited when seeing the light turn on and off. It has been about two months of using the system and I can tell you that nap time is now a breeze, thanks to the SleepBuddy… we still struggle getting them to GO to sleep, but that is just because they are still getting used to being in the same room and enjoy talking and playing. But it is really, really nice that once they go to sleep they do stay in bed all night until it is time for them to get up.

All in all, the system has worked for us. Oh, and did I tell you that the SleepBuddy is a Parent Tested, Parent Award Winner and has received the Mom’s Choice Award, as well.

Watch the short video clip below to see what the girls have to say about their SleepBuddy.

To learn more about the SleepBuddy System – click HERE!

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  1. rose johnson says:

    This would be perfect for my grandkids. Teach them when it’s sleep time and wake time.

  2. light turns off when ok to get up

  3. Saver Sara says:

    I love this helps transition a child from the crib to the bed. My son is exactly here!

  4. Rebecca Hammock says:

    This would be really nice for my daughter. She never stays in her bed. I always wake up with her climbing into mine. She comes in kind of scared maybe this could help keep her at ease.

  5. I love the idea and I will be wishing and hoping for my 1st full, restful nights sleep in 3 years…all while setting a routine,reading a story about it and eventually rewarding!

  6. Stephanie N says:

    Love the story book idea with it!! My son loves connecting with something during storytime, it would definitely help with getting the nightlight to help with bedime!

  7. the times light feature- visual clues for the kids

  8. Amanda Alvarado says:

    I like that it comes with a book that you can read with your child to help them understand the concept

  9. Its a quiet way to keep them sleeping

  10. Helps with the sleep schedule..everyone becomes happier…i think my child would love this..thanx for the chance!!

  11. Sarah Mosley says:

    I love that the light is not too bright.

  12. It helps in the transition to the bed

  13. Alisha AO says:

    I like that the light turns on and off at the indicated times. I don’t think it would work with my son actually physically staying in bed, BUT he would a light source and would probably feel a lot better and more comfortable at night by himself. We now have to use a small lamp, but I find it too bright. This looks just perfect from the lighting standpoint.

  14. Brittany Walker says:

    I think having the constant reminder that the kids have to stay in bed is what is best!

  15. Val Pearson says:

    I love that it teaches the child good sleep habits.

  16. Colleen Maurina says:

    I like that the SleepBuddy comes with a book to help your child understand the concept.

  17. cassandra tucker says:

    I love that you can set it to the times you want your child to sleep and wake.

  18. Jennifer N says:

    The best part of the sleep buddy is how easy iy is for the kids to understand. Also, how in the morning if the kids wake up too early then they wait or the blue light to turn off before they wake up. I know this from experience! We need another one in my family for my daughter!

  19. tere hidalgo-rodriguez says:

    children learn when to go to sleep and when to get up, also experience a peaceful night’s sleep.

  20. I like the simplicity of the light on and off and the coolness of the light to make kids interested

  21. Letting my son know when it’s okay to get up! Genius idea, especially with tonight’s time change!

  22. Sandy VanHoey says:

    My favorite part is that it gives them a schedule to follow and they can understand this by simply using this product. They will know if it’s time to wake or not.

  23. I like it because it “helps you teach your kids healthy sleep habits using a timed light that turns on when it’s time to sleep, and turns off when your child can get up.” As for my personal experience with my daughters, they do a LOT of things and make up a LOT of excuses before they sleep and this would make it a lot easier for me to make them sleep on time.

  24. I think the best part is that it is very easy for the little ones to know when they can get out of bed and when they should be sleeping.

  25. I think the best part of the SleepBuddy System is that it gives kids a visual motivation to stay in their beds without being over-stimulating.

  26. peggy fedison says:

    SleepBuddy helps you teach your kids healthy sleep habits using a timed light that turns on when it’s time to sleep, and turns off when your child can get up.

  27. LIke the idea of helping to set a routine and knowing what is required, staying in bed or getting up. Plus the light sounds soothing to me.

  28. Trisha Scott says:

    Oh my what a wonderful product my lil one is 21 months and i still have to bounce him to bed 🙁 he has never fallen asleep on his own but a few times in the car!! a bad habiy I started. but i love how this encourages them to stay in bed , sllep times and wake times. and also serves as a night light

  29. You can program the soft blue light to turn on for scheduled nap time

  30. I love the incentive chart. To chart their progress.

  31. Kim Lavoie says:

    I love that it should give my husband and I more sleep!!

  32. Carrie W. says:

    I like the blue light feature the best.

  33. I love that it promotes consistent sleeping and waking times


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  2. […] SleepBuddy G!ve-it-Away!!! Are YOU ready for a full night’s sleep? W!N the Complete SleepBuddy… […]

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